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"Wonka Vision Review"

I may not know emo, screamo, or whatever genre this sound is categorized under these days, but I know what I hate… and I don’t hate this band.
I wish I had buckled my seat belt and put my tray table in the upright position when I put Flight To Athena’s six track, self-titled EP into the player, as I was taken by surprise and flung from my seat when “Speak Indie” hit my ears. It’s pretty impressive, as I usually don’t jive with this Taking Back Sunday sort of stuff. What does Flight to Athena have that a lot of bands in this genre lack? Build. Most of the songs here build into some epic, convulsive climax that washes over the listener in a sort of emotional release.
I would love to say that the lyrical subject matter and Brian Miller’s vocals are the defining essence of this disc, and while they are dynamic and angst filled, they’re not what’s so intoxicating about the band. It’s the backbone of John Wayne’s thunderous drumming combined with Angel Osorio and Patrick Alcoke’s guitar work that make Flight to Athena’s sound rich and voluminous. While certain tracks lack where “Speak Indie” and “Blameless Vestal” pass with flying colors, they have an well endowed sound to build off of. [By: Dan Brian]
Rating: 4.2/5
- Wonka Vision Magazine

"1340 Mag Review"

Opening with a song titled “Speak Indie” Flight to Athena sets out to make a bold statement from the get go. This 6 track EP hearkens back to the great days of yesteryear when bands like Appleseed Cast, Dennison Marrs and The Get Up Kids were the hippest sounds around. Back when there were still traces of Rites of Spring to be found somewhere in the anthemic songs that dominated kids who cringed at the word emo’s collective disc men. Sure there are traces of modern bands like Taking Back Sunday and Thursday that rear their little heads here and there, but for the most part Flight to Athena makes their name by creating soaring melodic choruses that are book ended by introspective verses. “Bruce Lee Vs. Mothra” could stand its own against anything from the newer Jimmy Eat World catalog and not pale at all.
Filled with swirling melodies, gloriously strong vocals and ringing pauses; Flight to Athena has created an EP that showcases everything that made this whole emo/indie rock thing cool. It’s nice to see a band turn back the clock even if it’s only a decade to create something this beautiful. Watch for these guys in the years to come.
Key Tracks: Speak Indie & Bruce Lee vs. Mothra
Reviewed by Rob Froese
- 1340mag.com


Thanks for the Pep Talk EP - 2010
1. Dynamite and Laserbeams
2. I've Got Boundary Issues
3. No Mosters in Idaho
4. Light in the Dark
5. Whatever Man



Reemerging in 2010 with a new singer and new sound, Flight To Athena has set a new bar for high energy pop influenced Rock. The band consists of singer Andrew Gonzales, guitarists Patrick Alcoke and Stephen Burial, bassist Anthony Silva and drummer Ryan Muse. The band will be releasing its newest EP titled "Thanks for the Pep Talk" in early June of 2010 then hitting the road for the next six months to promote the album nationally.

Flight To Athena went back to its pop roots for their newest EP as the band felt they were straying from the music they truly loved writing. Even though the band has seen member changes over the past couple of years, the music reflects a chemistry between the guys that typically takes years to gain. Anticipated as Flight To Athena's best release to date, their "Thanks for the Pep Talk EP" is set to win over listeners near and far. Keep an eye out for Flight To Athena, as their headstrong goal is to play anywhere and everywhere they possibly can to bring their eclectic style of music to the forefront of today's music world.