Austin, Texas, USA

We make fun catchy music. The kind where you roll your windows down in your car and sing your little lungs out. The kind that makes you smile on a bad day. The kind that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Yea that's the kind of music we make.


Flinch started in the year 2000 as a cover band at Ohio University. Over the next six years they made three albums, played over 400 shows, and landed one of their songs in the movie National Lampoons Dorm Daze. The members graduated college in 2006 and went their separate ways to pursue careers in graphic design, teaching, and archeology. In the winter of 2011 they discussed the idea of writing some new songs. Over the past year with the help of technology they were able to write and record 4 brand new songs while living in different parts of the country. They are currently still writing and recording with the hopes of putting out their fourth studio album in the near future.


2012 - Sunset City / single
2011 - Wake Me Up / single
This What it Feels Like (Getting Older) / single
Get To It / single
Deck the Holiday / single
2006 - National Champs
2003 - Flinch
2001 - Changes