It's the point in your life when everything becomes so intense that you have to turn away... Flinchpoint: music making a difference.


Happy hardcore. (Or insert any sub-genre of modern metal that includes distorted guitars and combines screaming and singing.) FP likes to disregard the rules and challenge people to think a little bit for themselves. The music is hard-edged; the lyrics are positive; the stage show is phenomenal. It’s amazing that the guys usually only end up with a couple bruises and cuts rather than in the emergency room! The band has drawn comparisons to Sevendust, P.O.D., Deftones, and even Mudvayne. But why do you care? Well, Flinchpoint is more than just a band playing some music…it’s more than just another concert…a performance is more of an experience. Searing guitars, driving bass lines, dynamic percussion, and vocals that span the spectrum from flowing harmonies to gut-wrenching screams all coalesce in a subdued maelstrom to create a captivating, indispensable sound that is uniquely Flinchpoint. In this digital era of over-produced music, it is refreshing to have a band emerge onto the scene that embraces the live show. As thousands of fans over the years have witnessed, an FP performance is not only engaging, exciting and memorable—it is essential in order to truly appreciate their music. These guys are the consummate package unifying talent, vision, and image with a solid work ethic. They are not only passionate about their music, but they are equally passionate about life…and they plan to make music a full-time career permanently in the near future.

Due to a line-up change, the current members of Flinchpoint have been together only since June 2007. However, all the guys have previous band experience; Brian and Corey have been writing music and performing together since 1999 surviving several different member changes and band name changes. Aku has been the most recent addition, playing his first show with the band only three days after his audition and then completing a Midwest Tour and performing at Cornerstone Festival in June/July 2007—the chemistry he has added to solidify the group has been irreplaceable. The ultimate vision of the band was to combine hard-edged music with positive and thoughtful lyrics to make it both meaningful and exciting for people. Brian, Corey, “Arco”, and Aku regard themselves as a spiritually-based group of guys creating hardcore music and living life as best as they can.

Flinchpoint is currently in negotiations with a small, independent record label and anticipates having a contract signed by the end of 2007. Aside from recording, mixing, and mastering their first full-length studio CD (release TBA early 2008), the band is consistently performing locally, regionally and nationally on a monthly basis and constantly writing new material which continues to improve their already infallible live show. With aspirations of performing music professionally, the band also is actively seeking a full-time manager as well as a credible booking agency.

This is definitely the emerging band to watch.


The Beauty of What's to Come... (TBA early 2008) - full-length studio album to be recorded in late Summer/Fall; several live EPs and demos (some under the previous band name "thorn".)

Set List

1. W.W.Y.D.
2. Distance
3. Grey
4. The List (Smile)
5. Brighter
6. K.O.
7. E.W.A.
8. Listen
9. F.T.S.
10. Oppose
11. Rise
12. Faceless
13. Snap
14. Proud
15. Maria's Song
16. The Starting Line
17. Affected
(Subject to change, constantly writing new material...do not perform covers currently--all original music, but are considering putting 1 cover in the set. Set lasts 45 minutes - 1 hour+.)