Flinders = Looped vocals and guitar parts in equal measure, hypnotic basslines, pulsating rhythms and a soaring lead vocal.


flinders is the musical brainchild of a Galway native, Philip Flynn.

An avid fan of music from youth, 2000 saw him begin to compose on a more serious basis and, that same year, he committed his first works to tape.

A product of both grunge and brit-pop, and influenced by aspects of each, together with acoustic-guitar based music with integrity, (Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine), and more recent avant garde music (The Notwist, Radiohead), he looks to balance the use of technology, distortion and melody.

Playing a mix of acoustic and electric guitars and anxious to distance himself from the singer/songwriter ‘curse’, 2005 saw him begin to experiment with his own unique style of music.

Using his own particular song-writing skill to maximum advantage, he blends looped vocals and guitar parts, pulsating rhythms, hypnotic baselines and a soaring lead vocal line to create a unique sound.

Following this, he honed his ability as a live performer with a slew of live performances in Ireland. Performing his work live has proved to be a unique challange to the musician himself, and requires all of the usual characteristics of a live performance together with pin-point timing and accurate harminisation.

The intention of flinders is ensure the music stays just the right side of experimental, thus allowing it to be as accessible as possible to the public.

April 2007 saw flinders entering the studio and recording his Debut E.P, The Ground Floor. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered over four days with Les Keye, it was released to the general public on May 11th 2007.

The E.P is available in independent record stores in Ireland (Road Records) and Digitally all over the world on I-Tunes and Indiestore.com

The remainder of 2007 sees flinders promote The Ground Floor E.P with live performances and radio appearances as well as demoing songs for his debut album, scheduled for self-release in January 2008.

Flinders is currently available for support bookings throughout Ireland and the U.K by contacting phil@flindersmusic.com.


Boxes Burning

Written By: Philip Flynn

Silence for the pure in motion
Motions me to be outspoken
The rhythms and rhymes
The signals and signs

The fanfares for the barely able
Looks to me for signs of saviour
but i can't help them swell
I can't help you swell

Lets leave this place
and all go forward
Out to where the boxes burn

Where the nightmares turn out fine
And the music makes me alright
And the music makes me shine

and the outside can just stay outside forever....

Kicking an Open Door

Written By: Philip Flynn

I don't know what to say
When you don't come to me
Even's on changing me
I wouldn't know

And its all, we know
We got it all, we know

So I kinked an open door
but i closed my eyes before
I'm buried in the seams

I kicked an open door


The Ground Floor E.P - Released May 2007



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Set List

1. Boxes Burning

2. Skills

3. Mid Term Way

4. Kicking an Open Door

5. Closted, Closed and Dear

6. Guns Drawn at Dawn.

7. Corners First, Middle Later

8. The Metered States

9. Radio

10. High Society

11. Mean Man ( Three Words)

12. Swallowed the Phone

13. Running Start

14. Ghost Slide

15. Gentle Art of Persuasion

16. P.I.G

My sets normally last anything from a support slot (45 mins) up to an hour and a half, depending on how long is available.

I normally throw in one or two covers, depending on how i'm feeling.

1. Take on Me - A-Ha

2. Brake my Body - The Pixies

3. Rid of Me - P.J Harvey

4. Harrowdown Hill - Thom Yorke