Fling! are the collective sound of a thousand idea’s, journeys and rhythms born to make you feel good, their music has a twang of everything from South America to Russia while never forgetting their roots in Irish Trad and Bluegrass.


Fling came together in early 2010. All of the band members are well seasoned musicians with plenty of live experience. The band have experienced extraordinary success thus far with fantastic reviews all round.
The band are based in Galway in the West of Ireland and there is certainly an element of the wild north Atlantic in their music. This is a finely polished wildness however, the melodic nature of the tunes take care of this.
They were recently one of the headline acts at Galway Americana Festival where they played to a full house at Galway University. On top of this, they featured as part of Guinness' Arthur's Day celebrations here in Ireland.


Fling have just finished recording their debut album which will be ready for release in early next year and the band have extensive tour plans for next year.

Several of the tracks recorded are available to listen to on their myspace page and there is a demo EP available on request.

They have been played on many radio stations including Lyric FM (Irl) Organics FM (Irl), Amazingtunes FM (U.K), RadioLiberté (France), IRFT Radio (USA) and have featured in many newspaper articles.

Here are a few links to some reviews and articles:-