Explosive, high energy rock music with a positive message woven through cunning melodies.


Resolute hard fine-grained quartz that sparks when
struck with steel is the very definition of the band
FLiNT. The four piece based in Nashville Tennessee,
Nate Howell, Ryan Morris, Jeremiah Blevins, and David Langston have developed a sound that sparks a fire of energy among listeners who love rock music. Pulling from a mix of influences that include Jimmy eat world, FooFighters, Hoobastank, Anberlin, and Weezer, FLiNT has defined a sound that is all their own.
With hard hitting rhythms laced under thoughtful lyrics, this positive rock band is bringing a fresh sound with a fresh motive behind it to listeners that ache for
something with direction. Desiring to provide more
than what is often offered in the music scene, FLiNT
is passionate about not only the music but about the
masses as well. Their desire and vision is to
transform people through their music to see that there is more out there than what the status quo pop culture says there is. Using the universal delivery of music, FLiNT has positioned themselves to encourage their listeners to not only immerse themselves in the music but use it as a catalyst of motivation to make their lives the best they can be.


"The Edge" 5 song EP

Set List

FLiNTs' normal set consists of 10 to 12 songs, including 1 cover song. The set varies dynamically throughout. You can normally expect FLiNT to perform about an hour and 10 minutes, depending on the demand of the venue and situation. FLiNTS' major focus of a live performance is to engage the audience and band together to create an atmosphere of unity, and focus on real issues and bring a message of hope to the listeners.