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Flint Blade

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Flint Blade's guitar playing is similar to piano technique, though the sound is something closer to a full orchestra. Using his 14-string guitar and Chapman Stick, Flint's performance of originals and unique arrangements is intense and engaging.


Uplifting is a word which readily describes the music of Flint Blade. His unusual instruments and unique style add a sense of freshness to every space. Fully equipped for events of any size, Flint’s performance of standards and originals is truly unlike anything most have seen, yet is something everyone can appreciate.

Sometimes called “New-Age,” Flint’s sound is an ethereal fusion of jazz, classical, and ambient music. His intricate melodies, flowing harmonies, and upbeat rhythms engage listeners. Inspired by everything beautiful, his music entertains and intrigues while nourishing the soul. Flint comes from a well-founded musical background. Having been raised on music, he took formal classes in college and studied for two years under world-renowned guitar innovator Michael Bianco, designer of the custom T-14 tapping guitar Flint plays. Honing the techniques developed by Bianco, Flint’s two-handed tapping approach creates a texture something similar to a harp and a grand piano in one distinctly fresh instrumental style.

Prepared for any occasion, Flint has a full repertoire of jazz standards, classic yet delightfully rejuvenated by a spark of youthful energy. More progressive are Flint’s original compositions, most of which are instrumental with some subtle vocals, mostly scat-style, with minimal lyrics. Whatever the specific style, Flint’s playing is every bit as pleasing to watch as to hear.


"Custom Standards" -- Full-Length album of original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards, performed solo on the T-14 "Tapatar"
"Introscope" -- Full-length, all-original album featuring solo pieces and full band sounds, including unprecedented vocal performances.

Set List

Flint has about two hours' worth of original material, ranging from jazzy to ambient to electronica. Also prepared for a restaurant or social event setting with a full repertoire of jazz standards.
As a featured act, Flint plays all original music and various original renditions of cover songs from Radiohead, Bjork, Dave Matthews, and others in the indie-art genres.

Some typical set lists-
As a featured act (mostly originals):
1.Droplets of Water
2. Upward Journey
3. Up and Out
4. Conceptual Harmony
5. Everything in its right place (Radiohead cover)
6. Anguish
7. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Flaming Lips cover)
8. Two Hearts Racing
9. Discovery of Love

Jazz set (mostly standards):
1. Blue Rondo a la Turk
2. Black Orpheus
3. Side to Side (original composition)
4. My Favorite Things
5. Take Five
6. Misty
7. A Night In Tunisia
8. Moondance
9. Billie's Bounce
10. Malagueña

Ambient set:
1. Droplets of Water
2. First Flight (Michael Bianco tapping etude)