Flint Zeigler

Flint Zeigler

 Erwin, Tennessee, USA

A year out of one's life put to verse and music, songs for those that hurt, that ponder, those who are slipping, those that need time, the travelers, the anti-heroes, those that proudly wear their scars and those of us who simply perservere.


Zeigler’s music career has been a steady, consistent progression, all of which point to growth and maturity of a seasoned, stellar songwriter. His years fronting roots-rock band Grantham Road around Pennsylvania and the surrounding states produced 3 albums, numerous radio singles that generated air-play across the country, sharing the stage with national bands like Hootie and the Blowfish, Saving Jane, and the Badlees, along with playing festivals with Jars of Clay, the Subdudes and others in the northeast. Flint has also built a fan base that has stuck by him over into his solo career. Grantham Road album “Parade” charted at #26 in the Roots Music chart and Flint’s verison of Neil Young’s “Love is a Rose” has been a favorite since it’s release in 2006.

Flint’s 2008 debut solo album, “New Harmony Sessions”, showed a break from the clanging electric guitars and showcased the acoustic, intimate side of Flint’s creative mind. Teaming up with Over The Rhine’s live band, Mickey Grimm and Jake Bradley, and engineer, David Foreman, the result was a singer/songwriter’s delight. The songs lyrics were showcased and the music was moody, dark and very live. Most of the basic tracks were recorded in an 1800's mansion in Indiana with all the players sitting together in the same room. Flint also used Pennsylvania musician Maurice Crane for the piano tracks which began the process for “Marks of Another Year”.

A move to Johnson City, TN put Zeigler in a position to be a part of not only the Tennessee music scene but also the Asheville, NC scene and formed a nice landscape to release a new project. Flint made trips to Pennsylvania to record with Maurice and his wife Wendy along with members of their band Creekside Soul. The setting was rural Pennsylvania, the rolling hills, family farms and Amish buggies. The sounds were old trucks and tractors, quiet, cool evenings and old friends sharing stories of life. The album is Flint’s past, present and future all finding their niche and working together. Fender Telecasters through old tube amps, subtle piano lines, the crack of the snare drum and vocal harmonies that are sung from soul to soul, “Marks of Another Year” is all it’s own, not just recycled sounds from previous releases.

The sounds and textures of a recording is only a part of the full equation though, and Zeigler’s lyrics have always taken precedence. “Marks of Another Year” is brimming with beautiful imagery, haunting storylines and thought-provoking concepts imbedded in songs about faith, love, death and second chances. Title track “Marks of Another Year” is the acceptance of all one has been through and allowing it to be used for our own good instead of regrets. “Wait” is a song about a miscarriage and the pain and hopelessness that is only understood through the eyes of those left behind. In “You and I Remain”, Zeigler sings about a love that will endure through anything that this world can offer saying, “Three years have finally passed, we saw what the fire claimed and marveled at the sky, where soot and ash had laid to waste. And I could not let you go, with marks along the river shore where your skin is honesty and the faith that this world needs.....” . Flint reveals some of his influences from authors like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Brennan Manning in “Looking for Wings” where he retells the story of the second coming of Christ in a more modern-day setting. Zeigler’s newest release is the culmination of all the singer has been through and a solid foundation for where he sets his eyes for the future.

Origivation Magazine said “....the heart of (the music) is, unquestionably, frontman Flint Zeigler’s gravely and extremely pleasant voice....” . NEPAtoday.com agreed, calling Zeigler’s voice "infectious" and Helen Liecht of WXPN in Philadelphia also praised Flint’s vocals after adding his version of ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ to the WXPN music library. Flint’s mature song writing has also earned him approval with many audiences and critics. HBGonline.com compared his song writing with greats such as The Allman Brothers and Skynyrd, saying the songs “...contain lyrical innovation that is a shade sharper than anything country has thought of in decades....”.

Flint's songs have been heard nationwide on stations like WXPN (Philadelphia, PA). WNNK (Harrisburg, PA), WACC (Middletown, CT), WXPK (New York, NY), WBCG (Port Charlotte, FL), KNBA (Anchorage, AK), along with stations in South Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.


Oceans Laughter

Written By: Flint Zeigler

She is waking summer rain
She is conscious of daylight
She has Autumn on her mind
There is room for death and life
Love's held with open hands
And she's eyeing her escape

I'm waiting here for you
On the edges of the moon
And the moon pulls the ocean
The waves are laughter
And if I could feel you breathe
See light in your eyes
Your voice is laughter
Our dreams are oceans

She talks of Winter's drought
Of spirits and heartache
She says she's reserved
I feel she's guarded
I hold her with open hands
And she's eyeing her escape

Whipping Boy

Written By: Flint Zeigler

Here comes your whipping boy
Shadow for the lost
Street crying troubador
Cedar box with a silver latch
If you're lonely and ashamed
Can I take your photograph
Black and white cropped close to the face
Shot into the soul with film

Speaking of timing
Here comes the rain
To wash away our sin
Blood on our hands and the mess that we're in
I got bad news I meant what I said
I meant it to a fault

She's beautiful in gray
Colorful than fades away
A little rusty but okay
Confident and sure
Mary's a friend of mine
She's a blanket that covers my soul
She's got two eyes to see your trouble
She's got lips that speak volumes the older that you grow

You and I Remain

Written By: Flint Zeigler

I would walk with you
Through icy forest rain
In a world of unseen faith and lies
Where the comet fell
Desolate like ourselves
In metaphors and fragile moments
Tied to the willows
And past failures of our sin

I'd walk with you a while
Be the healing words to say
You and I remain

Three years have finally passed
We saw what the fire claimed
And marveled at the sky
Where soot and ash had laid to waste
And I could not let you go
With marks along the rivers shore
Where your skin is honesty
And the faith that this world needs

Science shows the city fire
Was put out by God's rain
You and I remain

If all else falls away
Will you stay with me
If all else falls away
Will you be here as you claimed
And we'll remain


Marks of Another Year- 2010
New Harmony Sessions- 2008
Love Is A Rose (Parade single)
I Won't Fight (Parade single)
Wide Awake (Parade single)
They Fell Out A Window (Parade single)
Parade- 2006
Angels We Have Heard On High- (WXPN Christmas Compilation)
Desperate Times- 2004