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Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand | INDIE

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand | INDIE
Band Alternative Country


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"Be All And End All"

Four Stars
Flip Grater is like a mix of Bic Runga with a smidge of Over The Rhine and a large splash of Cat Power, blended up in a sweet and angsty little cocktail that is punchy and ironic. Be All And End All follows on the heels of last year’s cleverly – conceived Cookbook Tour, which produced some memorable live performances and even spawned a journal/recipe book. The quirky singer/songwriter also spent some road time with Ben Lee, The Shins, Anika Moa, The Phoenix Foundation and SJD. That experience and versatility is finally distilled down and bottled on Be All…Numbers to watch out for is the alt-country ‘Calm Down (We are all dyin’)’ and the macabre indie tune ‘Your Suit Hangs Well’. The piano chords and quirky lyrics in ‘An End To It All’ sound like a generous nod towards Kimya Dawson (she from the Juno soundtrack). While single ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ has the perfect mix of country banjo and dark chords. On the first listen some of these songs may wash over you, but on repeated listens you will be sucked under, resistance is useless. In fact, completely unnecessary.

- Tim Gruar Groove Guide album of the week. Issue 230. August 2008
- Groove Guide:

"Be All And End All - Amplifier Review"

Be All And End All is a brilliantly balanced album, with Flip's polished songwriting taking centre stage, as she moves from gentle, tender ballads to raucous indie-folk and back, via quirky pop and just a touch of alt-country. – amplifer.co.nz - Amplifier.co.nz

"Flip Grater - Be All And End All"

Four Stars
In music, finding your own voice can be a difficult journey. You seek advice from all the wrong sources. Only the most determined eventually create something that they believe in. That, to me, is what Flip Grater has achieved on her second album Be All And End All. It’s a folk-and-country-tinged occasionally delicate and always heartfelt fulfillment of what Flip Grater loves in a good song. The narrative in the album swings from haunting ballads to the almost frivolous. Underlying this narrative are the melodic repetitive guitar and piano hooks that hold this album together. This is an excellent album from a passionate supporter of arts and music in Christchurch.
- Hat. The Christchurch Press 25/07/08
- The Press

"Flip Grater"

We should care, because her music is special. Be All And End All is a great record; the product of years laying around in front of this and other fires, listening to Mazzy Star, Gillian Welch, PJ Harvey and Cat Power, sucking on their sweet sadness. Your hear hayseed Americana and darkly sexual British indie fem-rock filtered through the sensibilities of a recovering ex-catholic vegan Buddhist from Canterbury. You hear a happy young woman getting in touch with her luxuriously glum side.
- Grant Smithies, Sunday Mag, Sunday Star Times
- Sunday Star Times - Sunday Mag

"Cage For A Song"

Flip Grater not only breaks, but firmly shatters the mould of female New Zealand singer/songwriter that has been crafted over the last few years by the likes of Bic Runga, Anika Moa and Brooke Fraser.
Hailing from Christchurch (the same home-town of Runga and Moa), Grater is, admittedly, another guitar-playing singer-songwriter with good looks, but one whose songs cover a breadth of genres that are far beyond the fairly safe pop territory of the aforementioned acts. Indeed, Flip inhabits the same sort of musical territory as major international acts PJ Harvey and Cat Power, with songs that range from the angry distorted guitar rock typical of the former ('Everybody Else is Busy Mess', 'Art Robot') to some of the more gentle acoustic alt-country numbers of the latter ('Doing So Good', 'Where's the Door').
There's a discernable passion in her songs, and the underlying strength of conviction that Grater gives to her songs packs an emotive punch that's irresistible for those of us who enjoy some real feelings in the music they listen to. Hopefully Grater's refusal to play the 'pretty-but-predictable-singer-songwriter' card won't stop her from gaining the sort of recognition she really deserves, as this is a world-class album of great songs that deserves a large audience. Recommended. – smokecds.com
- Smokecds.co.nz

"Flip Grater - Cage For A Song"

Christchurch-based singer-songwriter Flip Grater is one hell of a versatile artist.
With a sometimes soothing vocal reminiscent of Auckland's gorgeous Miriam Clancy
on Doing So Good, Grater can quickly change to dirty indie-folk sounds which provide
the lead-off track Art Robot with frightening intensity ("Take the knife out, I want to play")
And from the striking strums of Bedside Table revealing Grater's very cool delivery,
intricate picking then beautifully surrounds the very personal The Game.
Just when you think she couldn't possibly provide another style, a haunting cello sends
Long Awaited Sigh into another dimension.
Grater has a lot to reveal, and her vivid imagination gives her songs scope and variety.
The tune Concrete surely gives alt-country duo The Handsome Family a run for its money.
An exceptional talent with a gift of arrangement that perfectly captures her varied emotional
states. Stunning
Waikato Times
- Waikato Times

"Cdbaby review - Cage For A Song"

An alternately gritty and pretty run at blurring the borders between folk and rock, Flip Grater's "Cage for a Song" travels nearly halfway across the globe to land its pillowy lo-fi in the United States. While she's a native of New Zealand and an alum of SXSW, there's something intimate about these songs that transcends location; it's ethereal without being too spacey, it's powerful without being overpowering, sparse without being vacant. The record has a universal immediacy to it. Fans of Cat Power, Mazzy Star, and PJ Harvey will find a home with Flip. - cdbaby.com


Nameless EP - 2004

Cage For A Song - 2006 Maiden Records

Be All And End All - 2008 Maiden Records



Since hitting the NZ music scene with a debut album in 2006, Flip has performed with NZ's top musicians such as Dave Dobbyn, Anika Moa, Phoenix Foundation and international artists such as Ben Lee, The Shins, and Hugh Cornwall, and she has traveled to Texas for the renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) festival twice, performing at the 2006 event within line ups that included Kris Kristofferson, Flight Of The Conchords and Luke Zimmerman.
Her 2006 debut album Cage For A Song, turned heads across the folk and alt-country scene, with a track from it selected by producers of the hit US TV show Brothers and Sisters for the emotional final episode of their first season.
In 2007, Flip released The Cookbook Tour – a performance/travel journal and recipe book that sparked interest across the country. This unconventional approach to a national tour was heralded by NZ media.
During November and December 2008, Flip embarked on a two-month tour through seven countries in Europe – The Cookbook Tour Europe. Flip is due to release a tour stories and recipe book based on the tour in late 2009.
Flip’s latest album Be All And End All is out now through Maiden Records.


Label: Maiden Records maiden@maidenrecords.co.nz

Publishing: Native Tongue chris@nativetongue.co.nz


NZ: Flip Grater flip@flipgrater.com

France: Juliette Bouquerel juliette.b@so-u.net