Flippenout Productions LLC

Flippenout Productions LLC


Extreme trampoline shows, featuring the best athletes in the world including Olympic medallists, World champions, and World record holders. Show features over 25 feet of height, snowboards, skis, triple flips, crazy twists, all emceed to music. They perform worldwide. FULLY INSURED.


Our extreme trampoline shows are performed to music by the best athletes in the world. Olympic Medallists, World Champions, World Record Holders and other top tier professionals who have extensive experience. We perform not only on campuses but at professional sporting events (NBA, NHL, and many others), collegiate sports intermissions, corporate and community events and even parades!

Because our emceed extreme trampoline shows feature over 25 feet of height, skis, snowboards, triple flips crazy twists, we are the highlight event everyone remembers. THERE IS NO SHOW LIKE OURS--IT IS PACKED WITH ACTION!

Some of our clients: Washington Wizards, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Swarm, UVA, UConn, UDayton, Bloomsburg U, UCincinnati, Boston Scientific, Chatham First Night, just to name a few...


Check out the videos on our website @ www.flippenout.com.

Set List

Single-trampoline extreme shows: 3 (occassionally 4) 15 to 30-minute shows over a 5 hour period.

Double-trampoline extreme shows: 3 (occassionally 4) 25-45 minute shows over a 5 hour period.