Dave Flippo's GLOBALJAZZ / The Dave Flippo Group

Dave Flippo's GLOBALJAZZ / The Dave Flippo Group

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Offering trio, quartet & quintet, Dave Flippo’s Globaljazz has been infusing the Chicago jazz with its inventive blend of l jazz & world music since 1992. Dr. Dave Flippo’s compositions explore music from all over the planet, delighting audiences of all ages. Add in his quirky arrangements of jazz standards and fun, inventive versions of pop classics from the 60's to the present -Hendrix, Sting, Beatles, Mraz-and you have a exciting, refreshing program. A blend of Instrumental and vocal jazz.


Dave Flippos Globaljazz has presented its unique program of world-jazz fusion since 1991, exciting audiences of all ages at Chicago area festivals, colleges, clubs, libraries and concert halls. A mix of instrumental and vocal music, its program overflows with diverse originals by Dr. Dave Flippo. After the band released Tendrils of Light, its first CD on Southport Records,it went on to win a spot at the Taste of Chicago after taking first place in the Cruise to Chicago Contest. Since that time, the band released three other CDs Ganesh, When the Heart is Strong and its latest Tao Tunes which features Flippo singing his own musical settings of texts from the ancient (very cool and relevant) Tao Te Ching.

Dave Flippo leads the group as principal composer, pianist and vocalist. He received his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Composition from the University of Michigan and his Masters in Music in Composition from the Eastman School of Music. Globaljazz is powered by the passionate horn playing of Dan Hesler, the driving bass lines of Donn De Santo, and the fiery grooves of drummer Heath Chappell. Percussionist Aras Biskis helps bring the many ethnic styles to life with his vast arsenal of world percussion instruments.

In addition to the original world-jazz fusion, Flippo performs unique arrangements of both jazz standards and contemporary classics by artists such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Sting and Joni Mitchell.

Howard Reich, jazz critic for the Chicago Tribune, stated that "...of all the Chicago jazz ensembles searching for new sounds, one of the more alluring has to be Flippomusic, the rare band of musical adventurers who prefer to seduce the ear rather than accost it...at once complex and transparent, sophisticated and accessible... Flippo's way of blending two seemingly disparate musical idioms proves as fresh and contemporary as it is provocative, thanks to the sophistication of his compositions and the virtuosity of his players."

Dave Flippo's Globaljazz  performs as a quartet or quintet.

The Dave Flippo Group performs asa  duo or trio.
This group also presents both instrumentals. It still includes many Flippo originals, but expands the range or jazz standards and contemporary classics. It is performed for smaller venues such as libraries and smaller concert halls.

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Taste of Chicago
Chicago Symphony East Meets West Festival
Southshore Jazz Festival
Independent Label Fest
Southport Jazz Fest
World-Jazz FestivalNavy Pier

Ravenswood  Manor, Lincoln Park Cultural Center,Skokie Festival of Cultures,
Around the Coyote ,Evanston Art Fair, Buffalo Grove Summer Concerts, Evanston Ethnic Fest, Oak Park Summer Concert Series

College of Lake County Artist Series
Northwestern University Lunch on the Lake series
University of Illinois Artist Series
DePaul University Multicultural Festival
Lunchtime Series at Oakton Community College
Multicultural Night at Fairview School
University of Chicago Jazz Fest
College of Lake County Faculty Recital


Field Museum - After Hours, Art Institute of Chicago, Jazzin at the Shed,

Chicago Cultural Center "Live at Lunch on WFMT", Brookfield Zoo,
Newberry Library, Grayslake Library,Northfield Senior Center,Skokie Public Library, Bloomingdale Library,Barrington Library, Unity Church of Mundelein, 
Freemont Library, Algonquin Public Library

Underground Wonderbar
Hot House
Heartland Cafe
Joe's Be Bop Caf
Bop Shop
Pete Miller's Steakhouse
Pops Highwood
Green Dolphin Street

Park West

Intel Around the World Banquet at Cafe Brauer-Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Banquet - Hilton Towers, Chicago
Sinai Hospital Eclectic Holiday Banquets
Wordly Fashions Event at Escata Restaurant
Sonic Architecture Company Party

* * * "We were absolutely delighted with your performance-and so were our patrons! Thanks again for putting on such an entertaining show and for being so professional. I look forward to working with you again."
Tracy Shields-O/Reilly - Skokie Public Library

* * * "I have programmed the entertainment venue for the summer Rotary Village Green Concert Series for the past 14 years for Buffalo Grove Rotary. While we have a policy on booking a variety of different musical performances, we have enjoyed booking Dave Flippo on several o


Prelude to a Dream

Written By: Dave Flippo

Drifting leaves.. whispered sighs...
Smiling lips... closing eyes...
A faint... melody...
I have known... comes to me...
All settle gently in my mind... my heart,
As I drift from then to there and find my self

Here... 'neath the moon...
By a stream... holding fast a million dreams
Gathered from the stars that float above
An end less ocean of souls.. that dream... in the night...

And wake... yet the fleeting memories linger on...
And hope is nourished by the rays of approaching light...
To emerge... like the Spring...
Or the heart... of a child...

That will gaze at the sky... who will love...
soaring high above the green,
Raining down upon the sea of souls that ebb and flow far below...
And move through the day seeking love...
Fleeting smiles as they dream... forever more.

Bossa De Santo

Written By: Dave Flippo

Pluck the strings and the notes rise and flow around us,
Wandering through the smoke and light, into the night.
Moan the tones as they scurry and fly, whisper and cry,
Drifting in to a fluid tapestry . . . you cannot see.

As he sways, the lines in his mind flow up, down and over.
And the music seems to say: “Please come and play.”
Thousand melodies all collide until he sees,
One that fits this place in time . . . a perfect rhyme.

And the people who listen lean in and join him,
Feeling the passion of his song, so free and strong.
And they smile as they think of the evenings' sweet conversation.


Written By: Dave Flippo

You better stop! ... before you fill it to the top.
Sharpen it twice ... you'll find your knife won't slice.
Too many riches ... and all the crooks develop itches.
If your ego gets too gets big ... you could loose your gig.

So retire when the work is through.
One exhalation ... relieves frustration.
And do only what you need to do.
This is the way of heaven, the way of heaven.

Based on English translations of Chapter 9 of the “Tao Te Ching” by J.H. McDonald, Jane English, Stephen Mitchell, Derek Lin and Peter Merel.


Written By: Tao Te Ching (adapted by Dave Flippo)

DISTRACTIONS - (Chapter 24 of the Tao Te Ching)
He who stands on tiptoe is not sturdy.
She who hurries can't keep up the pace.
He who seeks the spotlight dims his brilliance.
And she who is self-righteous wins disgrace.

Nothing is achieved by endless boasting.
Endurance is not gained by one who's vain.
Self importance brings about disaster.
And grabbing lots of cash can get you slain.

According to the travelers on the pathway of the heart,
Pursuing these distractions yields no good.
For none of these ambitions can true happiness impart,
So avoiding them unceasingly is undeniably understood.


Written By: Tao Te Ching (adapted by Dave Flippo)

USEFUL - (Chapter 11 of the Tao Te Ching)
There's thirty spokes on the hub of a wheel,
But it's the hole in the middle that is useful.
A lump of clay can be shaped into a bowl,
But it's the space deep inside that is useful.
So useful.
Cut two windows or more, then add a door,
It's the holes in the walls that are useful.
They're very useful.
It's a loose rule.
They're useful.
A block of stone can be carved into a pipe,
But it's the hole running through it that is useful.
Some planks of wood can be formed into a boat,
But it's the space up on top that is useful.
So useful.
Take a bamboo shoot and make a flute,
It's the holes up and down that are useful.
They're very useful.
It's a loose rule.
They're useful.

So profit comes from what is there,
And usefulness from what is not.


Written By: Tao Te Ching (adapted by Dave Flippo)

PARADOX - (Chapter 36 of the Tao Te Ching)
That which shrinks must be full.
That which fails must first be sturdy.
That which falls must first be raised.
Before one gets, there must be giving.
The soft will melt the very hard.
The weak will win against the tyrant.
A fish should stay in waters deep.
A mighty state should hide it's weapons.

This is how the world behaves,
The simple truth of how it goes,
Two opposites create a whole,
And everywhere a paradox.

There is no hot without the cool.
Without the white there is no blackness.
One who wins should offer praise.
If there's no pain, you'll not know pleasure.

This is how the world behaves,
The simple truth of how it goes,
Two opposites create a whole,
And everywhere a paradox.

Up, down; black, white;
Torment, pleasure.
Labor, leisure; living, dying?

Set List

A typical mix of world-jazz, standards and pop favs:

1. Cool Ali- Flippo- Flippo - a hard-swinging original that blends jazz with the Middle Eastern sound
2. The Jig's Up- Flippo - a Latin Irish Jig.
3. Up From the Skies - Jimi Hendrix swing
4. Here There and Everywhere Lenon/McCartney (vocal jazz waltz)
5. Buddha's Siesta-- Flippo -a mellow Asian melody which grows into a driving Latin solo.
6. Antelopin'-A fun, 6/8 Afro-Cuban original.
7. Gyromaniations - a 7/8 Romanian-style melody with a hard funk feel.
8. Useful Flippo - a fun Latin beguine grove (Tao Tunes.)
9. Bye Bye Blackbird - an original arrangement of a jazz standard made popular by Frank Sinatra.
10. Spiderman Theme- Webster, Harris a swinging version of the famous TV theme (vocal)

Dave Flippo's Globaljazz can appear as a quintet, quartet or trio.