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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"All Fall In!!"

All fall in! If Fire Fall were stll together today, would they sound like this? I think they would. Like Fire Fall these guys have a deep emotional sound with good harmonies. The concept of the song is one that we all can relate to. And it's easy to chill to. I see this one in a TV show or a desperate 'where are you, I need you' movie seen. Not bad at all! LyricJustice - Gaithersburg, Maryland - A Fan

"Spoiled -Ouch... Don't Kick Me There"

This tune is a WINNER! It Kicks Ass!!!!! Great Tune. Great mix. You can hear the vocals and UNDERSTAND them. Great guitar work. Good feel to the song! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! TX_banshee - Marion, Texas - Another Friendly Fan

"Sign Us - Spoiled"

SIGN THIS BAND!This is a good song! Nice and rocking, a bit like Pearl Jam, very good. EXCELLENT VOICE, Mr. Singer man! : FooAlex - Lisbon - Another Payola Success

"Still Thinking....Keep Dancing"

My feets can't sit still! I don't know if you guys know it or not, but the intro to this song is extremely reminiscent of "Standing On Top of the World" from Van Halen's 5150. But of course, that's where the comparison ends. The rest of the song moves really well, and had my foot tapping and head nodding in no time. The singer has great delivery of a catchy melody(it's in my head as we speak)... prophet - Cornwall, Ontario, Canada - Our Canadian Buddies

"Still Thinking.... WOW!"

Great song!!! Fun to listen to. This is a really good song, my friends. I really like the writing, the voice, the performance. It is really a good song. I am tired of reviewing and hearing CRAP but finally something comes thru. I didnt like the lyrics, very played out but the song as a whole was VERY STRONG. You guys are tight and the hooks work...very good overall. Dan www.mp3.com/lbh lbh95 - Cedarhurst, New York - We love NY

"Falling....From England"

Wholesome! Moody, melodic ... a very good and competent song, from a competent band ... nothing flash, no big production ... down to earth and wholesome rock/pop!
Gilles - Brighton, East Sussex, UK - We Love The UK

"Super Catchy!"

This is a great song! I can't think of a thing to change about it. The harmonies are air tight, the chimey guitar work is superb, and the melody will be stuck in my(and my girlfriend's) head for days. What more could I ask for?

- Tulsa, Oklahoma

"A ++"

This was a very happy, driving tune. Not much improvement needed here. The lead vocalist has "His Own Sound" Keep it that way. Very clear voice and knows how to sing a rock song. The guitars were perfect and the lead was well written or it was a lucky one take (kidding)Either way, it was perfect. Sign em up! <br>Reviewed by: themuzic from Wheeling, Illinois - Wheeling, Illinois


Debut CD - FlippTrixie


Feeling a bit camera shy


This radio friendly pop rock project is the result of many musician's dedicated efforts. The band's influences include major rock acts of the present such as Train, Matchbox20, REM and classic acts of the past such as The Eagles and the Beatles. Their music is immediately comfortable to listeners. Influenced by 3 generations of great music, FlippTrixie spans the musical gap from the 70, 80s, and 90s..... into the new millenium.