Thrusting lyrical inventiveness & imagination high onto the shoulders of pop, with a quintessentially English sound shamelessly veering between cartoon psychedelia, dark bluesy confessionals & dusty drinking ballads, this is the band hailed as by musicomh.com as 'the most original band in the UK'


Having vowed never to be in a band, singer Jesse Budd accidentally formed Flipron in his home village in rural Somerset, & sensing that the opportunities available to them did not match their newly discovered ambitions, they moved to London in search of management & a record label. Having found both, they released their debut album, Fancy Blues & Rustique Novelties in 2004, which was greeted by the Observer Music Monthly with a glowing 4* review from esteemed music journalist Charles Shaar Murray. Since then they have been steadily fermenting a reputation based around their stunning live performances and a succession of unique and critically acclaimed albums and singles. After re-locating back to Glastonbury, they released their second album, Biscuits For Cerberus, which was AIM CEO Alison Wenham’s Best Record Of 2006 in Music Week. Most recently released was 2008’s Gravity Calling, produced by legendary Damned drummer Rat Scabies, the title track from which had the rare honour of being played twice by Jonathan Ross on his hugely popular Saturday morning BBC Radio 2 show.

They have opened for acts as diverse as the Alabama 3 & Donovan, been joined onstage by Rat Scabies, & even once appeared onstage with another punk rock legend, Clash drummer Topper Headon, as the Topper Headon All Stars. They’ve played gigs in boats, boxing rings & bars; gardens, restaurants & cabarets; cellars, tents & strip shows: theatres, ballrooms & colleges. They've entertained skinheads & hippies, trendy specs media types & rustic real ale drinkers, painfully cool art students & the residents of the Abbey Dingle Retirement Home in Llangollen, North Wales, out for a last night on the town.

They have played at Glastonbury Festival four years in a row, with 2008 seeing them play a record 6 shows in the one weekend, they’ve played main stages at Beautiful Daze, Secret Garden Party, Bloom, Endorse It In Dorset & Shambala, as well as appearances at Bestival, End Of The Road, Lovebox Weekender, Innocent Village Fete, Larmer Tree, Trowbridge Pump Festival, Lewes Folk & Rock, Strawberry Fair & many others. They have also performed at traditional town arts festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe, Concrete & Glass in London, The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival, Brighton Festival, Dorchester Festival, the Bath Fringe & the Llangollen Fringe.

They have recorded numerous radio sessions on a variety of stations, most recently Mark Lamarr’s God’s Jukebox on BBC Radio 2, (which Lamarr described as “absolutely fantastic” & one of his favourite sessions of the year) as well as 4 sessions for Tom Robinson’s Evening Sequence on BBC 6music. Radio DJs who have played the band include on BBC Radio 1 Vic Galloway, Huw Stevens & Rob Da Bank, on BBC Radio 2 Jonathan Ross, Mark Lamarr & Alex Lester, on BBC 6music Tom Robinson, Phil Jupitus, Mark Riley, Gideon Coe, Mark Lamarr again, Nemone & Shaun Keaveny. There music has also received radio play in the United States, Japan, Australia & much of Europe.

Flipron’s video’s have been broadcast on UK channels MTV2, Q, E4 & others, as well as various film festivals. The cartoon video to their 2006 single Raindrops Keep Falling On The Dead was screened at film festivals such as Cannes International Film Festival in France, Raindance Film Festival in London and SXSW in Texas.

They continue to enjoy a fantastic relationship with their beloved indie record label Tiny Dog & have just signed a publishing deal with SGO Music, represented worldwide by Bug Music.


The Flatpack Bride of Possibilities

Written By: Jesse Budd

You arrived in kit form, your complete naked body laid part by part on soft white silk,
your muscles like balls of scarlet dough & your bones as white as milk.
& your organs suspended in liquid & sealed in small glass jars.
& sheilded from light in a black metal box, chained up & locked with a warning of danger, your beating stranger's heart.

Oh Flatpack bride
of possibilities, endless & amazing,
of plugging in & plumbing, of stitching & sewing
the stockings of skin for your languid limbs
& the patchwork palms of your parchment hands.
Weaving the wisps of the wig & the strands
of curly for the merkin, doggedly working
in the drownded out half-light by the love-struck heart's light
with eyes like lanterns for danger.
& stranger than all I'd imagine you'de be is the you that falls into place,
but twice as intriguing & ten times more gorgeous
than the dream of you that I chased.

Would you start breathing if I plugged this tube in this lung here?
would you start blinking if I stitch this to your eye?
If your instructions of assembly are a bit unclear,
(is this a calf, is this a forearm or a thigh?)
help me build you part by part.
Let me build you part by part by part,
like I saw you in the dream, a flatpack bride of possibilities!

& each bone connected, each organ plumbed in reveals another unexpected joy.
& with your very first breath you sing me the love song of the girl assembled by her boy.
& your limbs may protrude from some surprising places
& you've got two heads, but both with beautiful faces,
& word of your wonder will wander for miles
with your five shining eyes & your three winning smiles.

(Repeat chorus)

A Scoundrel's Apology, Almost

Written By: Jesse Budd

I'm sorry about the trust that I took before we'd spoken
of the things we had to speak about & now that trust is broken
in two;
One piece for me & one for you.
I'm sorry that I never even gave you a warning
that I would steal the birdsong & the fresh air from your mornings
& the key to a world behind a door that you would have walked through.

I'm sorry for the times I forced your truth into lying;
for the knots in your life I've left you untying;
tied only to your loneliness at last.
Then for pulling on the string that unravelled & unwound you
as I wound up all the clocks & stood them all around you,
all mocking your future as coldly as they're killing off your past.

We sit, once apparently conjoined, but no longer.
The surgery of separation finds me the stronger
& you too weak to offer even scorn.
But I am not your oxygen. You look away, turning
instead to face the road of your unanswerable yearning
for someone you would love more than me
but who will never now be born.

The Uses Of Superstition

Written By: Jesse Budd

If your ancestors were with you, their eyes upon each moment of your day;
How would they feel? What would they say?
If they laid their hopes before you like paving stones to guide you on your way;
How would they feel? What would they say?

Would they curse your mistakes, celebrate your successes
as they chart your heart's economy & weigh up your excesses?
Do they wait with breath bated & eyelids unblinking,
aware of all the secret thoughts that you have been thinking?
What have you been thinking?

Did you dream they gathered round you as you went spinning through your life,
falling from one moment to the next?
They were dressed as flies & spiders, they were watching from the corners
as your shame glowed like a neon road through the shadows of your past.

Now your love's grown lazy & your spirit's been defiled,
do they love you as they loved you when you were still a child?
Could you bear to watch their buoyant hearts, punctured & sinking,
wounded by the secret thoughts that you have been thinking?
What have you been thinking?

If your ancestors were with you, their eyes upon each moment of your day;
How would you feel? What would you say?

Orpheus Inconsolable

Written By: Jesse Budd

Rain falls from the rain clouds the ground holds it's breath
the dust is as lost as your bones
Impact after impact the rain finds it's way through the leaves
& the soil & the snails & the stones

Under bricks & broken cups, between the rancid copper coins
sown like dirty seeds by careless hands
I dreamed that I would find you as a traveller finds treasure
in the ordinary findings of extraordinary lands

But friends all hold my hands & say that grief is a beast
who will bind a broken heart with chains & with ropes
who will feed your loss with longing who will sow such pretty seedlings
as will grow into a forest full of ludicrous hopes
But I know at the bottom of my brain there is a hole
through which I will pass to find you at last

Oh porridge peelings in the pot innards of the broken clock
that points towards your face with lifeless hands I dreamed that I would
lose you as a traveller will leave behind
extraordinary losses in only ordinary lands

(Repeat chorus)

Zombie Blues

Written By: Jesse Budd

I only wanted to sing & I can’t even talk
But I’m awake, I can moan & I can just about walk
Though my toes are falling out of my rotten old funeral shoes

& the moon makes a dawn for the remnants like me
For the hands that hang like guilty men, for the sightless eyes that see
For the mummified memories of love that dead hearts cannot bear to lose
For the zombies who must sing the blues

As we stagger through the night-time & the moon climbs higher
I hear the moans of a new nation, of a great zombie choir
& you’ve made it very clear that we’re not welcome in your town.
Oh but we’re going to stick around, irresistibly guided
By your unmistakable, incandescent beacon of sound!
Oh Yeah!
We heard you sing the zombie blues!
& if you want to sing a different song you’re going to have to choose.

& you wear your living flesh with such a strut & such a swagger
But when things don’t go your way you start that zombie moan & stagger
& there’s a rotten smell about the way you mummify your feelings & your views
& the faces of the dead that are pressed against your gate
Are like those voiceless longings with which you push against your fate
& you’re going to have to face them
& lose some things you cannot bear to lose,
Or else you’ve got to sing the zombie blues

Dreams Of Wealth & Power

Written By: Jesse Budd

I dreamed I was wealthy, rich beyond words,
money fell on me like rain.
I had gardens with fountains & peacocks & lakes,
I had cellars of Claret & vintage Champagne.
I would bathe in numberless diamonds!
I had gold dust to powder my arse!
I bought mountains & rivers & continents,
planets & comets & stars!

But you didn't love me any more!
But you didn't love me any more!
I had to wake up, slap myself hard in the face,
work out a way to get out of this place
& find you...

I dreamed I had power & influence
over all of the people I'd meet.
Opportunity fell at my fingertips
O the rich & the poor worlds were both at my feet.
I could take on insane situations
& triumph in spite of all odds!
I gave orders to presidents, to tyrants & kings,
to prophets & demons & gods!

But you didn't love me any more!
But you didn't love me any more!
I had to wake up, slap myself hard in the face,
work out a way to get out of this place
& find you...

Gravity Calling

Written By: Jesse Budd

She's got her head in the stars
& they sparkle in her hair
as it halos such arrogant beauty
& she just doesn't care
She walks tall, but soon she'll be crawling
Her number's been called
& it was definitely gravity calling.

He's quadruple clever
with what he half understands
but the mousetrap waits for the
fingers of the unwary hand
& all his big plans keep stalling
But he never stops to wonder
if it might be gravity calling

I'm falling I'm falling I'm falling I'm falling
faster & faster I'm following gravity's calling
I'm a speck upon a speck
within a gathering accretion
We are moving unavoidably
to some kind of completion
It's crushingly simple:
Gravity's calling
the ground is your home
don't be frightened of falling... falling...
you know the ground's familiarity
reveals your point of singularity

There are forces & functions
& mysterious powers
in the burning of stars & in the
trembling of the tiniest flowers
& there’s nothing that can save you from falling
there's nothing that doesn't hear
the voice of gravity calling

Gravity's calling (repeat)

Book Of Lies

Written By: Jesse Budd

We don't want to hear tall stories about all
those people you say that you've met
about the great stuff you've got
or what you used to have
or the things that you're going to get.
We don't need to be
dazzled, astounded,
shocked or impressed,
amazed or hypnotized.
Just sit down have a drink
stop reading aloud from your
book of lies.

Friendship lives & friendship dies,
it’s you we love,
Not your book of lies.

We don't want to hear about your adventures in all those
places you claim that you've been
those crazy things
you said you've done
or those amazing things you've seen.
You don't need to dress your life up
in this ludicrous disguise.
Just sit down have a drink
stop reading aloud from your
book of lies.

Friendship lives & friendship dies,
it’s you we love,
Not your book of lies.


2004 Fancy Blues & Rustique Novelties
2006 Biscuits For Cerberus
2008 Gravity Calling

2006 Hanging Round The Lean-To With Grandad
2006 Raindrops Keep Falling On The Dead/The End Of Summer (Double A-side)
2007 Dogboy Vs. Monsters
2008 Book Of Lies/Mess It Up (Double A-side)
2009 Gravity Calling

Set List

45 minutes to 1 hour set. Or 2 x 45 minute sets. Or half an hour. Or an hour & a half. Tell Flipron how long you want & they'll do it. In style. No covers.