Oakland, California, USA
BandHip HopRock

Flipsyde is a band that incorporates Hip Hop and Rock elements, with singer-songwriter sensibility that makes their overall sound unique and well received internationally. It's as if The Black Eyed Peas and Public Enemy joined forces, but added more guitars and a swagger only found in Oakland, CA


Flipsyde, who first hit the airwaves in 2005 with their debut hit single, "Someday", have returned. Now just three members (Piper/MC, Steve Knight/vocals & acoustic guitar and Dave Lopez/lead guitar), the group have released their long awaited EP, The Phoenix, with politically charged single, "Act Like A Cop Did It".

Lauded by The Washington Post as "the best hip hop album of the year," Flipsyde's debut album We The People went on to sell a quarter of a million units world wide and 750,000 singles- embraced by audiences as far and wide as Japan, India, and Germany, where "Happy Birthday" became a top 3 hit. In the US, "Someday," another powerful song about overcoming adversity, became the theme song to NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in 2006. It has been quite an adventure for Flipsyde who embarked on a steady touring schedule for over three years, opening for the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Game and The Black Eyes Peas.

With "Act Like A Cop Did It," Flipsyde continues to follow their instincts and yet explore new musical ground. "We have always been a combination of the way things are in our world and the way things should be" says vocalist/guitarist Steve Knight. MC Piper, who is now a cop himself, wrote the lyrics to the new single with a clear message in hand. "Now is the time that we take matters into our own hands to shape the present as well as the future," says Piper.

The lyric "Let's act like a cop did it" refers to "being aware and outraged by all of the violence in the community", says guitarist Dave Lopez. "Every human life should be valued. This song is about making a difference in our community and standing up for ourselves".

Flipsyde is currently in the studio finishing up their sophomore album.


We The People - "Someday" , "Happy Birthday"