Flip the Canoe

Flip the Canoe


Flip the Canoe are an alternative indie folk rock group from Vancouver BC. We bring a high energy dynamic set ranging from alternative rock to folk stompers and intimate ballads. Through out our show we are constantly switching instruments and vocalist to capture our spontaneous nature. Our goal is to get peoples feet moving and they don't stop till we are done playing.


Flip the Canoe is the combination of a close group of friends with a passionate love for Rock and Roll. Over the years, throughout the ever changing homes, girlfriends, adventures and jam spaces an album about love, loss, growth and travel emerged. After Nathan Turner graduated from audio engineering school the band set out to record what they had conceived.

Over the past six months Flip the Canoe has been in and out of Fader Master Studios, Apartments, Jam spaces and any other place they can make noise. Writing, recording and crafting their sound. Their upcoming album "Good Gravy" is a self produced effort led by Vocalist/Guitarist/Bassist Nathan Turner. They will be releasing songs every two weeks until the record is fully released.


We have a self titled EP available online