Félix Lajkó

Félix Lajkó


„The essence of my music comes from the sensibility and variegation of my instrument. I do not play any new kind of music just walking my own path, improvise and compose music. I don’t make any differences between styles and streams in music so I play folk -, classical -, rock, blues, jazz music and improvised tunes as well. If I should chategorize my own musical type I would prefer dark-folk.”


Félix Lajkó was born in Topolya (Serbia) on 17th of December in 1974. (The same day as Beethoven in 1770.)
He lives and composes in Palics (Serbia). He plays both the violin and zither excellently.

He has worked with a lot of noted bands and musicians. He was the member of Boris Kovac’s band Ritual Nova and György Szabados’ Makúz. He, Min Tanaka the world famous Japanese bhuto dancer and the French formation Noir Désir have had several shows together. He also step up with violinist Alexander Balanescu, Boban Markovic gipsy brass band and world’s best throat singers the Huun Huur Tu band.
The appreciative audience of numerous metropolises around the world (Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Lyon, Bordeaux, Venice, Verona, Edinburgh, London, Tallinn, Wien, New York)was enchanted by his play.

He was called for instance the devil’s violinist, Paganini of Vojvodina, an instinctive genius who is capable to anything on stage with his instrument in hand – whether it’s a violin or a zither. He has an indigenous talent to fascinate the audience and make them feel allured every time. His music is rampageous without exact genre or description, it’s about the opposite of these: to set his very special trend by contravening streams and helps to understand the inexplicable. Sometimes his themes are so simple like the sounds of nature and harmonic like a good glass of wine but they agree in one thing: the point is to affect to the heart by becoming personal and felicituos.


Makovecz turné (2011)
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