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Flizzle is an artist from the streets of Fort Myers, the music tells everything he has experienced. Street hip hop, no sugar-coating or fakin. Real Life


Born May 7th 1988, in Fort Myers, Florida, indie artist Flizzle is ready to break out. Flizzle dropped his first
official mixtape "Under Investigation" July 9th 2012 and is available on many online mixtape sites, as well as
physical copies. This mixtape gives Flizzle's entire story from the person who knows it best, Flizzle. Flizzle
has dropped other projects, but he knows they were just warm-ups to what he is now doing with his brand.

Flizzle wants to use his current project and relationships to increase his network and to get his music heard
on a bigger scale. "Under Investigation" was hosted and mixed by Florida's own DJ Purfiya and through this relationship
a plan was developed to help Flizzle get to the next level of artistry in the Hip Hop music genre. Flizzle's favorite
catchphrase is "I'm takin off" because it is a clear indication of his plans.Industry insiders who have listened to his music
say "his lyrics are something many people from the streets can relate to"and also "that his music covers many
demographics and markets". Flizzle is clearly takin off.


Under Investigation