Flock of Doug

Flock of Doug


"Flock of Doug's Doug Utter is a witty satirist with a taste for burlesque and a bag full of hooks." (City Pages, Minneapolis) Smart, funny, rocking and unpretentious pop rock songs a la Ben Lee, Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Richman.


Founded in 2004 by songwriter Doug Utter, Flock of Doug released its first CD, "Wish I Were Here" in June of 2005 to critical acclaim.

Utter, formerly a solo performer and host of the popular "open mic" at the Chatterbox Pub in south Minneapolis, has assembled a kickass group of musicians for some semi-serious button-pushing rock fun.

Utter's music places melody and groove at the fore, with influences as diverse as Elvis Costello, Mark Eitzel and Fountains of Wayne.

As performers, Flock of Doug just wants to have a good time and give the audience a reason to smile and jump around. Utter says, "If you're not having fun doing what you're doing, then you should be doing something else. Audiences are smart -- they know when you're faking it. There's nothing cool about that."


Boyfriend, You're My American Flag Underwear

Written By: Doug Utter and Steve Healey

Boyfriend, you’re my
American flag underwear
You’re my habanero pepper
My dog-eared Tropic of Cancer
You’re my shitty Datsun b-210
(brown like my shoe was at the time.)
square as a butter patty sunset
black hole in a clam

You wander up, you check it out – you just can’t stay away
You want to wear the American flag, too
You know you just can’t help yourself, you’re American you’re gay

When we’re at my house alone
And we’re watching war movies
I think about how I’d like to
Serve by your side
I want to die in action with you
I’d fall on your hand grenade
I’d get sewn up George Clooney
Johnny Depp would be his nurse

We’d go down in a blaze of muddy glory for our country
We’d rise again and take out a few more
We’d return home adopt a child and raise it in Hawaii
And maybe get some health insurance, too



Written By: Doug Utter

You put this plate down in front of me.
I say, "what the hell is this? It doesn't even
look like me.”
It's late and I'm tired, and there's nothing on
tv -- think I'll take a walk outside and see what’s to see.

I'm Jesus Christ
Almost kind of sort of but not quite
I've burned some bridges taken bad advice
They're going to have to kill me not once but

You can take that straight to the bank

This cross I'm carrying from town to town
I’m a one-eyed bearded lady, I’ve kept my weight down
I’m drowning in puddles, I’m spreading some disease
I’m counting my cut from the deal . I am, yes indeed

I'm Jesus Christ
Almost kind of sort of but not quite
I've burned some bridges taken bad advice
They'll hang me from a tree not once but
If it costs five bucks it isn’t free

Thought I heard the call - It might be something
Might not be anything at all.
Centipede's got hundred feet, but I've only got two
One for each shoe.

I've betrayed my friends, made love to enemies
Ached with burning hunger in the aftermath of need
The word of the day – it was sacrifice
I said “do anything you want to them, but please
god don't hurt me.”

I'm Jesus Christ
Almost kind of sort of but not quite
I've burned some bridges taken bad advice
They’ll strap me to the chair not once but twice
I don’t want to live in texas


You Smell Nice

Written By: Doug Utter

You must come from planet wonderful
or I suppose you might come from planet really nice
you're like basmati rice
You must come from planet wonderful

You must taste like icing on a finger
blood red nail polish, dead of winter
It's cold outside, and everything is dead
You must come from Planet Wonderful

You must look good in front of a mirror
If I looked as good as you so would I
I’d be such a prize
You must come from planet wonderful

You smell nice.


"Wish I Were Here" was officially released on 6/4/2005! It is now available on www.cdbaby.com and in Cheapo Stores in the Twin Cities.

We are currently being spun at KUMD Duluth, and Centipede (see Audio) was recently featured on Drive 105, Twin Cities Alternative Rock Station!

Set List

Original set list, with a couple covers thrown in if the mood is right. Sets anywhere from 20 mins. to 2 hours.