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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Music Breakout"

Local Tulsa band "Floodcar" made their premier at the Crush Lounge last week. This venue is normally reserved for the "Hey let's try to be cool and start a band because I know how to play Guitar Hero on expert" sort of bands, but when Floodcar took the stage they stole the show.
This group composed of five local guys gave a performance that would rival most MTV videos.
The unique blend of all styles of music really gives this band a brand new sound all of its own. The edgy hard-rock guitar and bass grooves combine excellently with the driving beats of the ADHD drummer and the soulful, haunting sound of the harmonica, yes, a harmonica in a rock band, seem to really single these guys out and let them shine. Oh yeah, they also pack a trumpet for flavor. And even though these guys have only played together for less than a year, they carry the confidence of a seasoned veteran. I wouldn't be surprised to see Floodcar at Rock Honors in the future.
I am glad that i was dragged out that night to catch this totally unexpected Ear-gasm.

- Rick Osweago


As a band, we have recorded one EP and a full-length LP. Our full length LP is available for sale on MySpace and through the band members. We currently have 5 tracks posted up on our MySpace.



The core of the group was founded in March of 2008 when PC Hance, Danny Jones, and then-founding member Ben Romanello decided to part ways with the local metal band Pryznr in search of a broader, more experimental sound. Rounding out the quintet with bassist Derek Brunson and frontman Daniel "Mooky" Watson, the group quickly began to write a list of songs to begin playing shows around the Tulsa area. In May of 2008, Floodcar (then known as Unspoken Recognition) began playiing shows with the Dirty Carny SideShow, then quickly followed up with a Battle of the Bands, which they had won, but later discovered the contest was a fake. June of '08 saw the band playing in front of a local Best Buy Grand Opening, in the sweltering heat, in addition to the first recordings of the band, produced by Hank Charles of Valcour Sound in Bixby, Oklahoma. Due to PC's conflicting service with the military, the next couple of months were slow for the band, and therefore almost bringing things to a halt, when PC decided to leave the military in September of 2008. In the fall of 2008, Joey Munson from the local bluegrass band Black Fork River Rats came on board, and Ben Romanello decided to part ways with the band. Shortly thereafter, the band again went into the recording studio, this time choosing Andy Gilliam of Aristar Studios, to produce the record. A local Emmy-award winning producer, he worked with the band for all of November 2008 to bring the first digital recording in Floodcar's history. January of 2009 saw the addition of a talented young guitarist, who also happened to be our bassist's younger brother, Dalton. The sextet continue to impress local promoters and concert-goers in the Tulsa area. Musically, the influences come from a wide variety of musical genres, including punk, alternative, electronica, techno/house, metal, and various forms of rock. What sets us apart from other bands is the fact that we have so many different backgrounds that few bands have. Our vocalist was classically trained in high school choir, and performed in a few low-key Tulsa bands. PC and Danny have worked together for the past 5 years in several projects together, and Derek and Joey both came from a local bluegrass band. The use of piano and keys occasionally helps in the songwriting process.