Flood Empty Lakes

Flood Empty Lakes

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Flood Empty Lakes is a progressive rock quartet from Charleston, SC. Our premium blend of ambient, mystic, emotronic-sonic rock is epic in sound and vast in scope. Our vision is to unify harmonies that are beautiful and melodic with compositional elements that build, crescendo and release.


The idea for Flood Empty Lakes has been around for a longtime. Founding members Nate Naylor and Chuck Hamilton had toyed with the idea back in '95. the two moved away from one another and spoke on ocassion. It wasn't until October of 2007 that Nate found a demo tape that he and Chuck had recorded, which ultimately inspied him to hold back nothing and make the most of this concept.


#1 "Union of Sound Minds" Demo CD recorded & mixed solely by the band.

#2: "A New Age" Mini Album recorded and mixed at Awendaw Green by Nat Mundy showcases the many influences, styles and sounds of Flood Empty Lakes - Due for release in Jan 2010

Set List

Cars (Gary Numan cover)
Particle Zoo
Garden of the Gods
Strata Illuminata (Pt1)
Cloud Chamber
Strata Illuminata (Pt2)

This would represent out current "typical" set list and would run about an hour and a half. Our songs average about minutes each