A melodic explosion. Tell us what you think when you recover...


Out of the ashes of Honeysuckle with the sound you've been waiting for: melodic, edgy but heartfelt modern rock n'roll with enough power behind it to move audiences worldwide. Honeysuckle was known as one of Canadas hardest-working bands, but its most obvious standout stars were Dave and Galen. Dave, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, and Galen, who plays drums and sings backup vocals, have experience playing big shows and opening for many big name bands. Now, with Floodlight, they form the core songwriting team of a solid four-piece group good enough to be as big as the Foo Fighters, and ready to do whatever it takes to get there.


Follow me

Written By: Floodlight

Set fire to your backline, because were acting like the rite kind of crazy. You know. We'll always hold our heads high, even if this shit were walking through is waste high.
We just lead, we don't follow.
We'll set our sites on, the situation, the nites just begun. We wont slow down till later on, we'll go on with out failing, just wont give it up till our hearts stop.

Take it to the street life, were arm and arm and we are looking for the next time. We'll take it all in our stride, we'll never question and we'll be there at the front line.

We just lead and we don't follow.



Set List

Follow me, Cold faces, Looking for you, Siren sound, Permanent Vacation, Keep it secret, Broken, Fortystrong.