FLOOD of FIRE brings back the power of guitar driven rock music. This energetic band plays high octaine music that still appeals to the masses.


FLOOD OF FIRE was conceived to bring back the power of rock. Riding the border between Rock and Heavy Metal, FLOOD OF FIRE proves that you can create hard driven music and still appeal to the masses.

Fronted by lead singer, Corey Newport (Kamloops, BC), FLOOD OF FIRE has been making a name for themselves throughout the Vancouver club scene. FLOOD OF FIRE has played over 20 shows within this past year including winning the city wide competition “Fan Wars”.

The twin lead guitars of Sean Dyer (Cold Lake, AB) and Jon Stecyk (Ft. Saskatchewan, AB) create a harmonic yet powerful combination that brings you back to the glory days of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. These hair raising riffs can be heard on the bands debut recording, available NOW.

FLOOD OF FIRE is fueled by the thunderous rhythm section comprised of Alex Domijan (Burnaby, BC) on bass guitar and Mark Stecyk
(Ft. Saskatchewan, AB) on the skins. The only thing that eclipses FLOOD OF FIRE’s sound, are their energetic live performances.

FLOOD OF FIRE is the next big group for Canadian Hard Rock. 2006 promises to be a banner year for FLOOD OF FIRE as they hit the road to bring the power to the people.


FLOOD of FIRE - (debut ep) FLOOD of FIRE- 2005

The debut album "FLOOD of FIRE" contains 6 songs, spanning the inception of the band, to the autumn of 2005.

Set List

Sets usually run an hour, with both originals and a couple of covers (Gn'R, Maiden, etc.). Included in the set are the 6 songs from the band's debut ep, plus a number of new songs scheduled for the a new release in the autumn of 2006.