Energetic melodic rock in the vein of Foo Fighters, The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.


Flood The Sky Begins:

On September 10, 2001 Chicago native Jeremy Weinberg (vocals/guitar) met San Diego product Sean Colley (bass) after responding to a musicians classified ad Sean had placed in a local Los Angeles newspaper. Both had moved to LA to pursue their rock'n'roll dreams, and they clicked immediately despite their opposite personalities. Sean Colley came from a punk rock, in-your-face musical upbringing that placed more importance on raw emotion than technicality. Jeremy Weinberg had extensive training in both the guitar and music theory, which gave him the ability and confidence to express his musical ideas. The two saw how their differences perfectly complimented each other and decided to form a band.
After many months of auditions, Sean and Jeremy had yet to find a drummer or guitar player who fit with them stylistically. All that changed however when Jeremy ran into drummer and friend Greg Upchurch (Chris Cornell, Puddle Of Mudd, 3 Doors Down) at a BBQ. Jeremy asked Greg if he knew of any good, available drummers, to which Greg immediately responded with a phone call to longtime friend and fellow drummer Eric Toohey. A few hours later Eric was in Jeremy's living room listening to him play songs on his guitar. Overwhelmed with excitement, Eric invited Jeremy down to his studio the next day to jam. There was an instant chemistry, which prompted Jeremy to borrow Eric's cell phone to call Sean (who was out of town at the time) and proclaim, "I FOUND THE GUY!" Over the next year and a half the three tirelessly rehearsed, performed, wrote and recorded, all the while searching for the final piece of the puzzle, the right guitar player.
Enter Stephen Fahlsing. After reading an online "guitarist available" ad Stephen had posted, Jeremy clicked on to some of his music, and was drawn to Stephen's graceful and soulful playing, as well as his understanding of song structure and arrangements. Jeremy e-mailed Steve a link to the band's website. Impressed by the songs he heard, Steve learned what he could off the site and called the band to schedule an audition. The rest, as they say, is history as the now complete Flood The Sky set their sights on breaking out of LA and sharing their music, love and passion with the world.


The Great Misunderstanding

Written By: Jeremy Weinberg

Stand in a crowd to understand
You're not them
They're not you
But you're in this together

When all that you see
Keeps blinding you from the fact you and I
Divide from one

Bring enemies to life
And fight
Live with this
Will it heal us, free us now


And anything you feel inside is fine
'Cause everyone and everything lives at once

It's all over now
Maybe then we'll see just how you and I
Divide from one

Right Where You Are

Written By: Jeremy Weinberg

Take all your promises
Leave all those things you said
Please tell all of your friends I'm dead

La la la
I hope I don't fall down
I'm ok
I can turn it around
Nothing's wrong
Why do you continue to start
It tears me apart
Yet somehow I'm right where you are

Go free all hearts of stone
It's too bad I've always known
When I'm ready to get up and go from you


T-ball in a field of snow
Watch'em running down the hall
Make your plans and we'll see what you get instead


Yet somehow I'm Right Where You Are

Tiny Amounts

Written By: Jeremy Weinberg

come on baby please
take a new picture, really did dig your captivating kind of disease
make a few better, really should let her believe
it don't matter to me

hand over tiny amounts
baby I'm learning, maybe I'm turning into a battle at sea
take a few hits and sink to the bottom and see
it still matters to me


cuz I've chased after feelings before
that left me always wanting some more
and if I should change into the breeze
I'll blow away all the dirt and the hurt that cause us to do harm

thanks baby for the relief
I don't wanna miss ya, but I still think about the way I feel when you're with me
now I treat your memory just like an enemy
you want what matters to me

cuz I've chased after feelings before
that left me always wanting some more
and if I should change into the breeze
I'll make amends to blow away all the dirt and the hurt that have caused us to do harm

Ready For Me

Written By: Jeremy Weinberg

running just as fast as you can
when you turn around you'll be a man
yeah I told you

can you make a go of this alone
when everything you think you've ever known
someone told you

and love
love is like a lady or a man
love is gonna catch you if it can
and then it holds you, yeah it holds you

and you know when you're ready 'cause somebody says
everyday shine your love down on me

and once
once I saw an empty little hand
wanting me to give it what I had
so I showed you

feelings are a merry-go-round
feelings bring you up and pull you down
like they own you, but they don't own you


I said love
lost in love
a little bit never ever helps her
she says give in to me
what a way to go on


All I Need

Written By: Jeremy Weinberg

never let me go make me feel alright just for a little while
heaven sent me so I'll set down right here just for a little while

and it may not be the way we envisioned
but I feel better when I stop and just listen instead of running here and running there I swear I run I don't hear a sound that's why I'm telling you now

wherever I go I want you to know
you're all I need
I can't let it go
I already know
you're all I need

and I want to take you to the water
forget about our thoughts there
for a little while

'cause when I'm looking off in the distance and I can see that what I miss isn't missin' it's been right there all along and I'm laughin' all
alone 'cause it hurts that's why I realize now


Flood The Sky (self-titled)...2004

You can hear a few song samples from the record at our website: http://www.floodthesky.com. Also, you can hear our newer demo material at http://www.myspace.com/floodthesky.

Set List

We play all original music with the occasional cover or medley for fun. Our average set is 40 - 45 minutes and we can play up to 3 sets per night if necessary.

Standard Set

A Little Love
Tiny Amounts
Right Where You Are
Ready For Me
All I Need
Caught Up
She Says