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"Album reviews"

“Flood The Sky have produced a remarkable set of songs, some killer riffs, good choruses and a good swell when a song needs it…Although there are only three of them they also manage to conjure up a huge sound with some fabulous three part harmonies.” - Metal UK

"Album reviews"

Smooth emotional voice with a shitload of catchy melodies, this is definitely the music you can turn on the girls with...a great sound with distorted creamy guitars and a hell of a rhythm section, this is what Flood The Sky is all about, the recipe is simple, but effective...definitely a must.” - Daredevil Magazine

"Album reviews"

With its debut album, Flood The Sky pursues radio-friendly melodic rock with a vengeance, the songs filled with dense, multi-layered guitars, warm vocal harmonies and slamming percussion. Incorporating elements of '70s-styled arena rock with '90s-era alternative rock, the trio cranks out songs that showcase Weinberg's soaring, soulful vocals and the band's impressive musical chops. This isn't grunge or nu-metal or even "modern rock," just good, old-fashioned hard rock designed to blast out of boomboxes and car stereos at max volume…"The Great Misunderstanding" is an achingly beautiful mid-tempo ballad with lofty vocals, crunchy fretwork and imaginative percussion while "Caught Up" opens with elegant guitar interplay before slipping into a strutting rocker that sounds like Pearl Jam crossed with the Beatles. "Right Where You Are" is the natural single here, an energetic romp through various melodies, guitar riffs and ever-changing drumwork that is as infectious as the flu.
- Alternative Culture Guide

"Album reviews"

“Flawless harmonies and seamless song sequences are overlaid with the lead singer’s strong, raspy voice…Stand out tracks are the sing-a-long ‘All I Need’, which has a funky riff running throughout, and the catchy ‘Right Where You Are’ has great hooks and could feasibly be a first single.” - The Mag UK

"Demo Critiques"

“Tight vocal harmonies (with echoes of classic rock) combined with alternative edges characterize this well-produced album. Best of the bunch is the mid tempo alt-rock number ‘Caught Up.” - Music Connection

"Album reviews"

“The opening number ‘Right Where You Are’ is certainly a direct, modern song riding on a Pixies sounding guitar riff with Weinberg’s cracked verses and soaring chorus vocals sounding distinctive in his range…The songs rely on melody and catchy hooks…The biggest strength of Flood The Sky’s songs is their focus on simplistic melodies that would sound great on rock radio…The high-energy track ‘Reason’ delivers verses with attitude, and dynamics are in full force…Excuse the pun(s), but the sky’s the limit, as long as the band doesn’t flood the market with any inferior follow-ups.”
- Alternative Rock Review


Flood The Sky (self-titled)...2004

You can hear a few song samples from the record at our website: http://www.floodthesky.com. Also, you can hear our newer demo material at http://www.myspace.com/floodthesky.



Flood The Sky Begins:

On September 10, 2001 Chicago native Jeremy Weinberg (vocals/guitar) met San Diego product Sean Colley (bass) after responding to a musicians classified ad Sean had placed in a local Los Angeles newspaper. Both had moved to LA to pursue their rock'n'roll dreams, and they clicked immediately despite their opposite personalities. Sean Colley came from a punk rock, in-your-face musical upbringing that placed more importance on raw emotion than technicality. Jeremy Weinberg had extensive training in both the guitar and music theory, which gave him the ability and confidence to express his musical ideas. The two saw how their differences perfectly complimented each other and decided to form a band.
After many months of auditions, Sean and Jeremy had yet to find a drummer or guitar player who fit with them stylistically. All that changed however when Jeremy ran into drummer and friend Greg Upchurch (Chris Cornell, Puddle Of Mudd, 3 Doors Down) at a BBQ. Jeremy asked Greg if he knew of any good, available drummers, to which Greg immediately responded with a phone call to longtime friend and fellow drummer Eric Toohey. A few hours later Eric was in Jeremy's living room listening to him play songs on his guitar. Overwhelmed with excitement, Eric invited Jeremy down to his studio the next day to jam. There was an instant chemistry, which prompted Jeremy to borrow Eric's cell phone to call Sean (who was out of town at the time) and proclaim, "I FOUND THE GUY!" Over the next year and a half the three tirelessly rehearsed, performed, wrote and recorded, all the while searching for the final piece of the puzzle, the right guitar player.
Enter Stephen Fahlsing. After reading an online "guitarist available" ad Stephen had posted, Jeremy clicked on to some of his music, and was drawn to Stephen's graceful and soulful playing, as well as his understanding of song structure and arrangements. Jeremy e-mailed Steve a link to the band's website. Impressed by the songs he heard, Steve learned what he could off the site and called the band to schedule an audition. The rest, as they say, is history as the now complete Flood The Sky set their sights on breaking out of LA and sharing their music, love and passion with the world.