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Floopy Head

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chicago's Own Common Speaks on Floopy Head"

Exellent music. It moves the spirit. It's what we need in music, innovation by people taking traditional things and making it their own. That's music. If we can get that music out there then the world would be better. I salute these young brothers up here doing there thing. This is the type of music I want to hear. It sounds great from the emcee to the band. - 2 Cent


The Unknown EP
Somewhere In The Sky EP



In the depths of inner-city New Orleans, locally acclaimed hip hop super-duo Floopy Head formed in 2005 on a mission to redefine the sound of Hip Hop not only in New Orleans but globally. Performing with a live band rather than two turn-tables and a DJ, the band pulls inspiration everywhere from Coltrane to Biggie Smalls, to rare indie rock records.
Floopy Head consist of producer/vocalist Chris Gizzle and producer/keyboardist Tyler Ginsberg. Chris Gizzle is an emcee and producer who’s very fond of indie rock music and culture but more so involved in Hip Hop. His lyrics are just as fun as they are thought provoking. Tyler Ginsberg is a producer and musician who studies and loves Jazz music but has a passion for creating hip hop music.
When performing the duo uses a live band which consist of Joe Dyson on drums, Cliff Hines on guitar, Max Moran on Bass, Andrew McGowan on Rhodes, Tyler Ginsberg on Synth and Trombone, Stephen Gladney on Saxophone, DJ Christoph Anderson, Chris Gizzle on Vocals. Depending on the venue or event the band is sometimes cut down to less. Floopy Head can please any musical audience from Hip Hop, Electronic, to Neo Soul and all in between.
Floopy Head found instant success in New Orleans live music scene but is not to be mistaken as a local funk band. The band is just as innovative and interesting as they are unpredictable. You never know what you may encounter at a live show.
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