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Floor Plan

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Floor Plan is a hybrid of experimental music and hip-hop (also known as Trip-Hop). Using intricate rhymes, trippy guitar riffs, and ambient keyboards, Floor Plan pushes the envelope of what hip-hop has the potential to be; dding an ithereal flavor to the rap game.


In 2006, twin brothers decided to experiment two differing genres of music. While, Caleb (twin #1) was shredding his guitar in basements and friend's houses, Kegan (twin #2) was hopping in and out of cyphers. They eventually joined forces and added their brother Drew, to bring hip-hop and indie fans together, fusing crucial rhymes and experimental guitar licks to introduce Floor Plan. Our influences include Radiohead, Jay-Z, Sigur Ros, Album Leaf, Poster Boy, Fabolous, M83, and Pink Floyd. We are different from other bands because we fuze hip-hop and experimental, ambient, and trippy music. No other band has taken best of both worlds and put them together.



Written By: Floor Plan

(verse 1)
nerd suburbanite observing the urban life,
using slang words but he didn't deserve the mic,
kept trying to murder it with every verse he writes,
learned from the game's urge to be commercialized,
so he posed as a wack rapper,
found all different types of ways to act blacker,
sagging his pants wearing his hat backwards
talking like "I'm down with Tupac Shakur,"
he got nervous all he heard was laugh after,
cut his first track on a yak bak backwards,
hated himself pages stayed on the shelf,
so he stood back waited and started training himself.

(verse 2)
now he just wanted to spit like the experts,
so he figured he had to deliver his best work,
perfectionist picking the best words,
but he crossed it out and scribbled his next verse,
writer's block made him sick 'til his head hurt,
still sold a couple albums tried to triple his net worth,
he broke even as an unsigned young rhymer,
some times writing dumb rhymes and one liners,
waiting for some kind of sign from above,
planetary alignment the sky opens up,
but nope he just never thought himself dope enough,
maybe when he drops his flow it's supposed to suck,
had no buzz on his last two CD's,
so why would anyone wanna touch his new EP,
in any case he's still pushing his tapes,
raps 'til the end still has the pen put to the page.


Spitting Smoke (now on itunes)

Set List

A typical set list is around 30 to 40 minutes.
Our songs include euphoria, the fore warding address, PSA (Jay-Z cover),droning, the late shift, a freestyle, and boots.