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“Spitting Smoke” LP – June 1, 2007

-Lemon 03:02
-Spitting Smoke 04:40
-The Forewarding Address 04:06
-Arrival & Departure 03:26
-The Late Shift 03:51
-Euphoria 02:57
-Oval 03:58
-Boots 05:10
-Fragile Jaw 06:2
-A Simple Film 05:47

“Purple Yes” EP – April 1, 2010

-Infirmary 03:28
-Young Man Swagger 03:48
-The Corporate Muscle 04:20
-BAM! Burger Jam 04:16

“Little Mortimer in Bathland” LP – February 21, 2011

-Bathtime (At Toy Manor) 03:03
-Engine Room 04:19
-S.S. Sing-A-Long 03:42
-Maid of the Merry-Go-House 04:11
-Duck Knights 03:35
-Mr. Moustache and the Whisker Kids 00:27
-Comatose on Clamdestine Coast 04:30
-Robin's Egg Blueatang 03:52
-Skull Jones 04:09
-At Faucet Mountain 01:50
-Gold Music Box 02:53
-Donut Kingdom 04:44

“Giantess” EP – June 3, 2012

-Giantess 03:21
-Rapscallion 02:37
-Hallower 03:47
-Penny Gaff (Single) 03:26
-Penny Gaff 04:55



Floor Plan is an Industrial/Post-Punk/Experimental band based out of Pasadena, CA. The band was officially started in 2006 by twin brothers, Caleb and Kegan Swyers, in the small town of Siloam Springs, AR, though the brothers have been writing together ever since they can remember.

Their freshman effort, “Spitting Smoke”, was released on June 1st of 2007. This 10-track Trip-Hop LP was influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Jay-Z, which is evident with their hip-hop beats, thought--provoking rap lyrics, and long sections of ambient instrumental progressions.

After releasing “Spitting Smoke”, the two continued writing but were not satisfied with the songs that were emerging. They were desperate for a change in genre. “We wrote a lot, and trashed a lot,” explains Kegan, and after almost 3 years of that process, the “Purple YES!” EP was finally released on April 1st of 2010. During the writing of this 4 song EP, the band says they were listening to a lot of Joy Division and New Order. Wanting a more 80’s pop sound; they changed from electronic drum loops to acoustic drums, wrote more guitar driven music, and used a lot more analog synth sounds, while keeping their hip-hop influence.

Caleb and Kegan decided to direct a music video for the single off of the “Purple YES!” EP. “Bam! Burger Jam” was featured in film festivals across the nation including, Little Rock Film Festival in Arkansas, and the United Film Festivals in Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and Tulsa, OK. Following the “Purple Yes” EP, Floor Plan went on tour from North West Arkansas to Northern California bringing other instrumentalists to play live with them, including their older brother Drew on drums.

On February 21st of 2011, Floor Plan released another full length album by the name of “Little Mortimer in Bathland”; a fun, child-like concept album that was definitely unexpected after their already recent change in sound. The change in style for this album was about as unexpected to the band as it was to their fans. Kegan and Caleb state they had planned to create a concept album that was nostalgic and new, but say that it’s hard to explain why their sound changed so quickly. “We were inspired by childhood pastimes such as cartoons, coloring books, fairy tales on audio tape, and things of that sort”. This album offers a fun getaway into a land unknown through exciting soundscapes, whimsical characters, and catchy melodies.

Floor Plan, known to change their style, did that once again with their most recent project, the “Giantess” EP, which was released on June 3rd of 2012. Inspired by the likes of Scott Walker, Asa Ransom, and again, Joy Division, the band scaled back for a more atmospheric, industrial sound within this EP. The tracks “Giantess” and “Hallower” both have accompanying music videos, both directed by Caleb and Kegan.

In September of 2012, the twin brothers decided to relocate to Pasadena, CA and form a full band with some of their closest friends; Jared Thorne on bass guitar, Bekah Whitzer on keyboard, and Daniel Brouns on drums. Presently, Floor Plan is working on their third full-length album, while simultaneously releasing a new single and music video every few months.