The Floors

The Floors


Drop dead sexy, exciting memorable sound, a dash of many influences, but best of all great songs!


There is something significantly exciting about The Floors. It's something that is hard to put your finger on, but being one of the youngest touring bands in Australia, they are leaving a trail of fans just gasping for more!
Once a 4 piece who had many sounds and nothing defined, they became a 3 piece and things started falling into place musically and the rest followed. Signed to Rage 8 Records, they released their first E.P (2004) and sold 500 copies, with no touring or distribution. It was an invitation to feature on a compilation Cd that inspired them to travel 2500 kl to the other side of the continent to showcase. Within days they were approached by the biggest agency in Australia, The Premier Harbour Agency, who had heard that there was a band in town causing a bit of a ruckus! Offers of recording contracts came and with careful consideration Rage 8 and Foghorn, 2 labels from seperate sides of the continent came together to provide the band with the resources for their next release titled "Borrowed".
Released on 30th July 2005, followed by a 4 week Nationwide tour which was partly funded by the Contemporary Music Touring Program ( and partly funded by Rage 8/The Floors. This tour was instrumental in making retail sales significantly rise to place them #46 in the WA ARIA Charts, within 2 weeks they climbed to #33. "Borrowed" was picked up by approximately 80% of the radio stations across Australia and the lads have been interviewed tirelessly as they travel thousands of kilometres across the country winning fans everywhere they stop to open their road cases.
2006 will see an album either independently or through whatever is right at the time, one thing is for sure, there will be alot of excited people waiting to see what The Floors come up with this time.


The Floors - The Floors (Rage 8) 2004
Tribute To Disco -
Lately -
Tree Song
Drunk Guy
All tracks available on i-Tunes, Napster, MSN, AOL and many major digital retailers

Borrowed - The Floors (FOG/Rage 8/MGM)
Borrowed - see audio
Tribute To Disco (2005 recording)
Tree Song (2005 Recording)
The Mystery Surrounding The Historic Detail Of A Dustmite
Not You

Borrowed Video Clip - see video

Set List

The Coffee Table
Mansion Of Love
Bitter Romance
The Mystery Surrounding The Historic Detail Of A Dustmite
Tribute To Disco
Interlude in E minor
Are You Lonely?
Not You