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The best kept secret in music


"Top Floors"

On Thursday 21st October I was invited to the Swan Basement in North Freo WA for the EP launch of new and up-and-coming W.A band The Floors which was promoting their 1st official release Borrowed.

When I arrived the Tall Poppies were onstage for the first of three support bands for the night. They were followed by Grand Central. Both were great it’s just unfortunate they weren’t getting much of a response from the crowd.

Then in a strange twist The Floors came on next before the last of the support bands. And from the very first guitar riff I got the feeling this was going to be something special. Their intro was just the three of them jamming and exciting the crowd with a piece that sounded like their rendition of the Pulp Fiction theme. This caught my full attention as well as everyone else in the audience, which was no easy achievement considering the Swan Basement was almost full, an amazing turnout for a debut launch and a Thursday night.

Running through about ten songs half from the EP half new and unreleased songs all showing that they have what it takes to please an audience. The new songs showing they certainly have plenty of material up their sleeve for when an album is due.

When I was asked to describe their style of music I found it hard as they have managed to fit punk, blues, rock, acoustic, grunge and even one track sounded a bit jazzy. This may sound like a weird mix but trust me when I say they made it sound amazing. They managed to mould it all together really nicely, for a set that went for close to an hour.

Once they finished, the crowd rushed in masses toward the Merch Stand to get their copy of the EP. Antistatic then hit the stage, but unfortunately for them the crowd was evaporating fast, despite them being fairly good.

I was certain to purchase a copy of their EP on my way out at the end of the night and had it playing loud in my car the whole way home reminiscing the great performance that I just witnessed.

Reviewed by - NATH @ MUSIC DEPOT – Victoria Park 089446 8311
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"The Floors Borrowed"

Reported by: Elissa - Thursday, Jul 28, 2005. 14:39

The Floors have a sexy, polished sound combining interesting vocals and an air-tight rhythm section. The Borrowed sampler contains two mixes of two songs from the full EP providing a mere taste of this interesting new band out of Perth.

Borrowed is a sexy, slinky retro-rock song that has radio hit written all over it without being generic or pedestrian. The vocals are unusual, sensual and clear. The production overall is top-notch and very clean. The second track is an instrumental version of Borrowed (TV Mix) and it really showcases the talent of the rhythm section. The lead guitar is amazing, singing like a choir and the whole thing is very tight.

The second song is a very convincing ballad called Tree Song. It sounds a little bit like updated, sweet sounding Hoodoo Gurus. It is good old-fashioned Aussie rock sonnet and it works well. The guitar sound is full, sounding like many more guitars than one would assume are present and the drums are never overdone but still very much holding the piece together.

The last track is the TV Mix of Tree Song, also instrumental. Where the TV Mix of Borrowed focussed on the guitar to provide the voice, Tree Song seems to draw out the drums much more. I’m not really sure what the function of the instrumental versions are on the sampler but they were very good. The Floors seem to be standing on the cusp of big things, this EP introduces a talented band with exceptional songs.



This band has quickly and quietly cemented itself as one of Perth’s most promising bands. They’ve been working petty solidly around the local areas and their EP launch was very anticipated. The music is hard-hitting and the band members play their instruments with adeptness and oomph. Various influences - ranging from 60s to 80s drifts throughout the tracks and the intricate techniques show up well as something original and fresh. There is a growing feeling about this band and they should be positioned to make headway into the eastern parts of Australia next. The guys are still teenagers and have the looks to grab female fans’ attention and general music lovers in the years to come. Very promising.
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"Music Of The Floors"

One of the best young bands in the country appears at The Oasis Hotel tonight.
Even though The Floors musicianship is matured and at times quite stunning, this is no different to many other bands but other bands want to play with them and producers want to record them.
There is something you can't quite put your finger on but one thing is for sure - it is as exciting and these lads are set for really huge things.
From the Joondalup area in Perth, WA, Luke (front man vocals / guitar), Ryan (bass / vocals) and Iain (drums) started from humble beginnings playing blues drenched covers.
This eventually led to writing some material which encouraged the lads to play small school based gigs and occassionally the odd Battle of th Bands competition.
Looking back now to the days when their Dads shifted and set up all the gear, the young enthusiastic musicians only dreamt of what they are doing today.
But that special x-factor that is so evident today was always there to get them to the next level.
The Floors have played some of Australia's best events and venues and have graced the stage with many great bands such as; Little Birdy, Dallas Crane, Jebediah, Blues Explosion, The Streets, Red Jezebel, Fourth Floors Collapse, The Ross Orbit Stack and The Avenues. - The Guardian Newspaper

"The Floors Tribute To Disco"

The Floors have written a song called 'Tribute To Disco' which, I am sure you'll be shocked to hear is actually a criticism of disco music.
This is never going to go down well with the Single Guy. Over a straight ahead rock backing and delivered in a raw, even rough, accent this young man suggests he would rather watch TV than listen to disco music. Well, we don't want your types down at the disco young man. Especially not playing a style of music that The Radiators are still flogging around the outer suburbs of satellite cities to women spending their single mothers pension on Bundy and coke rather than buying milk for their infants. It's music like this that's ripping apart the fabric of our nation and I for one have had enough of people tearing strips off innocent musical genres just because they happen to embrace some unusual patterns of behaviour and dress.

Management says: It's okay calm down get a grip, it's just a song.
A song that has had more airplay lately than any disco track! - The Brag


The Floors - The Floors (Rage 8) 2004
Tribute To Disco -
Lately -
Tree Song
Drunk Guy
All tracks available on i-Tunes, Napster, MSN, AOL and many major digital retailers

Borrowed - The Floors (FOG/Rage 8/MGM)
Borrowed - see audio
Tribute To Disco (2005 recording)
Tree Song (2005 Recording)
The Mystery Surrounding The Historic Detail Of A Dustmite
Not You

Borrowed Video Clip - see video


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is something significantly exciting about The Floors. It's something that is hard to put your finger on, but being one of the youngest touring bands in Australia, they are leaving a trail of fans just gasping for more!
Once a 4 piece who had many sounds and nothing defined, they became a 3 piece and things started falling into place musically and the rest followed. Signed to Rage 8 Records, they released their first E.P (2004) and sold 500 copies, with no touring or distribution. It was an invitation to feature on a compilation Cd that inspired them to travel 2500 kl to the other side of the continent to showcase. Within days they were approached by the biggest agency in Australia, The Premier Harbour Agency, who had heard that there was a band in town causing a bit of a ruckus! Offers of recording contracts came and with careful consideration Rage 8 and Foghorn, 2 labels from seperate sides of the continent came together to provide the band with the resources for their next release titled "Borrowed".
Released on 30th July 2005, followed by a 4 week Nationwide tour which was partly funded by the Contemporary Music Touring Program ( and partly funded by Rage 8/The Floors. This tour was instrumental in making retail sales significantly rise to place them #46 in the WA ARIA Charts, within 2 weeks they climbed to #33. "Borrowed" was picked up by approximately 80% of the radio stations across Australia and the lads have been interviewed tirelessly as they travel thousands of kilometres across the country winning fans everywhere they stop to open their road cases.
2006 will see an album either independently or through whatever is right at the time, one thing is for sure, there will be alot of excited people waiting to see what The Floors come up with this time.