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"11/10/06 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI"

Friday, November 10, 2006 - Polymer, Flophouse, 60 Second Crush, and the Koffin Kats at the Blind Pig. I arrived after 10pm and bands were still loading in. Polymer took the stage and were very loud. They're a well-rehearsed band, good players, decent songs, although somewhat lacking melodically. Next on was Flophouse. I had only seen Super B play in Viet Nam Prom; this band really showcased his excellent drumming talent. They played a funky mix of originals and covers, most memorably "Use Me Up" by Bill Withers. Flophouse had everyone dancing and grooving, very cool! Finally the Koffin Kats took the stage, playing their version of punkabilly. They're a good band with a standard configuration, guitar, stand-up bass and drums; I remembered playing with them at Save the Vegetables a few years ago. The crowd moved in close to the stage while they performed. All in all a good night of music. --> -->

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- Jimmy Danger

"Flophouse Review"

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From what Brian was telling me they have a new special guest member that is there this night. Peter Keys. He's a keyboard player. I bet you never would have guessed.

I'd heard Flophouse on their MySpace and I liked their tone. As with any good funk band they bleed rhythm and if you don't know the blues, just go home. As they took the stage, Tail Gators was standing room only. I'd seen Brian and his bandmates shaking hands all over the place and I could tell this was their crowd.

I've never seen a funk band before that I recall. I know I've never gone out of my was to see one. I'm glad I did this night. Brian's snappy drumming and the two guitar funkification was good but what really did it for me was the keyboards. I had never seen anything like that before in any fashion. I just didn't know that there were people out there that could play that many cool notes on the keyboard. I know they just had to exists. I guess I just didn't know where to look let alone know that I was supposed to be looking for them. Well I had found it! This was great music. Not boastful. Not menacing. Not overbearing. Just real good raw jamming. I hadn't had so much fun watching a band since the last time I saw the Allman Brothers last summer.

I'm not a music critic or writer of any great talent so anything I say about Flophouse probably won't do them as much justice as they deserve. The great tone that I heard on the recorded songs carried over to the stage. They have an extremely solid meter. Their songs are catchy as a funk tune should be. I was not the only one to be diggen on these groovy tunes. They were in the house and it was theirs.

They did a good mix of original and cover tunes. I actually like the originals better. Their encore was a Steve Wonder tune that I'd heard before but I couldn't recall the title. The only thing that I could say negative about the set was that they could have taken a short break then came back and did another set. It was over way to quick and I couldn't relax and drink as comfortably as I would have liked to have. I was a long way from home in unfamiliar territory. I'm glad that I went out to check these guys out. They had almost the perfect set. I will go see them again and for all those versatile music lovers I will recommend them to be accelerated up to the top of everybody's "Must See" list.

- Michigan Musicians

"Flophouse on ROCKORATION.com"

"If you like funk - get down! 'Cause Flophouse is in the house! Reminicent of the Parliment of Funkadelic, this original band will have you groovin' like the days of wearing bell bottoms. Not affraid to hammer the keyboards, or provide a steady guitar riff to keep you shaking your ass, Flophouse will actually get you thinking that their style of music never took a break. Refreshing, steady, and downright groovy. Make sure you catch these guys live. If not, you can purchase thier latest release, "Get Loose" on iTunes or at CDBABY.com" - Michael Raffin

"Flophouse plays Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival"

Battle of the Bands: Detroit funk/rock group Flophouse was selected as the winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest.

As part of the prize loot, the group is set to perform at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival in Chicago on Saturday, July 28, 2007. Other performers on that bill include Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, BB King, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Robert Randolph Steve Winwood, Robert Cray, Jimmie Vaughan, Sheryl Crow and more. For details: www.myspace.com/flophouseband.
- Rachel May of Detroit Free Press


Get Loose (EP) - 2007 - Boiler Room Records

***AVAILABLE now on iTunes and CDBABY.com



Although physically rooted in Detroit, Flophouse's soulful mix of rock, funk, blues and R&B evokes the great music traditions of Memphis, New Orleans and Chicago. Perhaps it's Flophouse's lead singer Victor Colon, who's smoky yet spirited voice, draws frequent comparisons to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughn. Or drummer Brian “Super B” Smith's and bassist Paul “Pdog”Hunt's unadulterated commitment to “funky groove rock” that has more bodies swaying then Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. The band's newest addition is keyboard phenom Mark Miers, who currently tours w/ Uncle Kracker and used to front his own Detroit based band Novadriver. Finally, there's the polished riffage of guitarist Mike “Hollywood” Adkins -who masterfully weaves it all together into a spicy, sonic stew.

Flophouse's extraordinary sound has not gone unnoticed. Hand picked from thousands of entries, Flophouse was chosen to perform at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival in Chicago in 2007. Clapton's acclaimed event received massive media coverage in Rolling Stone, VH1, PBS and more. Locally, the band regularly appears at “A List” venues including Robustos Lounge, the Hard Rock Café and the Magic Bag Theatre, in between gracing festival stages across the country. “We play every show as if we are playing a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden …even if it's at Jimmy's Sports Bar and Fish Fry,” explains Super B.

And that's what keeps the fans coming back for more. That, and a guaranteed “booty shaking” experience. Flophouse's funky musical voodoo entices dancers to pack the floor in celebration of a band whose unstoppable grooves also demonstrate a genuine passion for creating music. “We're just four guys who love to make music - and it shows. Our philosophy is simple - make it funky and move the crowd!” affirms Victor Colon.

And that they do; Flophouse's music moves you from the inside out. Currently, in the studio recording their first full length CD, you can get your own taste of Flophouse with their party-inducing EP “Get Loose” (Boiler Room Records), now available on Itunes, CDbaby.com and Digistation.com.