Flora sounds are layered electronics and organic textures. Weaving melodies and, at times, hushed vocals add an understated layer to ever evolving structures.


Flora is Toronto born multi-instrumentalist Rob Ross. Rob currently resides with wife and daughter in Edmonton and has been producing music under the Flora moniker for four years. Before Flora Ross had experimented with sound synthesis by dismantling synthesizers and electronic devices and recording their last sounds. In this period Ross took inspiration from artists like John Cage who gave Ross a new understanding of what could be sonically achieved through electronic manipulation. Taking hints from a variety of electronic artists from Autechre and the Warp Records roster to Styrofoam and Morr Music artists, Ross soon incorporated melodies and understated beats to his works. Flora was born out of these experiments in layered melody and hushed vocals. In 2006, soon after the release of the first Flora EP, "We All Lose" Ross was invited to perform at Vision and Hearing in Portland OR where Floras melodies were accompanied with live visuals. This audio/visual presentation inspired Ross to rethink the typical laptop/electronic performance and challenged him to develop a dynamic live performance, something that is not typical of an electronics show. In 2007 Rob and his wife moved from the small town of Three Hills, Alberta to Edmonton. The capital city proved to be a good place for Ross to hone his performance, including more visual presentations and work on new material. In June of 2009 Ross completed his second release entitled "Partir". Since 2007 Ross has been a part of the diverse Edmonton music scene and has recently started "Hands" a promotion group dedicated to bringing more depth to the Edmonton electronic scene.


We All Lose EP - 2006
Partir EP - 2009

Set List

Set Length 45 minutes