Floramay Holliday

Floramay Holliday

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Floramay Holliday is a six-foot blond, guitar momma with a soulful southern voice and seriously good songs. She has been playing, writing, recording, and producing americana, folk-rock, bluegrass, blues music for almost 2 decades.


The refreshing southern voice and songwriting of Floramay Holliday
is a talent unique to the music industry. Her unforgettable sound blends the essence of old-school country with the contemporary.
Originally from Florence, South Carolina, where she was voted Best Local Performer, Floramay Holliday made her mark in Austin, Texas where Mayor Kirk Watson proclaimed Nov 2, 2000 as Floramay Holliday Day, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the local music community. There, she recorded her first album, “Floramay Holliday”, featuring Lloyd Mains on pedal steel guitar. Her 2nd album, “Trouble & a Truer Sound”, pays tribute to her country roots with an alternative style, with special guests such as Ray Benson, of Asleep at the Wheel, Guy Clark, and Bobbie Nelson.
Floramay has also worked extensively on a number of projects for Austin City Limits. Industry showcase performances include: Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, Luckenbach’s -Best of Texas Ladies Songwriters, the Historical Gruene Hall- Women in Texas Music, Old Settler's Music Festival and emcee performer of the Empire State Brewing & Music Festival.

After almost 2 decades of writing and performing, she is releasing her 3rd album, “Dreams”, marking a new vision in her career. Recorded in Upstate New York, on Roseneath Records, Holliday debuts her talents as producer. “Dreams” is a bright, yet deeply felt collection of songs that is vastly different from her first two albums. Being a wife and mother of two, her writing has matured and blossomed, bringing freshness to familiar subjects. With radio hits like the catchy “Yesterday’s Girl”, the profound “As Long As You Can”, and the bluesy “Things You Do”, the record crosses many genres with an original flair and a powerful voice.

Holliday has also co-created the popular rock group, Sis Deville, with Texas State Musician, Shelley King. Band members also include Carolyn Wonderland, Sarah Brown and Lisa Pankratz. Sis Deville is an all-girl southern rock band featuring stunning three-part harmony and finely crafted pop songs with a Texas attitude. http://www.myspace.com/sisdeville



Written By: Floramay Holliday

1. The day breaks and the night makes It’s way into the past
Got a head full of hurtin, a mouth like cotton
And a big old empty glass I know who did it, It’s all right
I must have been somebody else last night
Oh, Yesterday’s Girl , She’ll leave you in a world of hurt

2. She was born spoiled rotten in the land of cotton Way on down in Dixie
She used to dance till dawn with her high heels on Feelin’ young and sexy
Come the morning when her dress is torn and Her feet are in a lot of pain
Yesterday’s Girl is gonna take all the blame.

Tomorrow never comes for Yesterday’s Girl.
She’s got it all tied up in the here and now,
She’s gonna give it a whirl.
It’s the age-old riddle, gotta pay the fiddle
For the things you’ve said and done
But Yesterday’s Girl is gonna have all the fun

3. Sun’s gone down, the moon’s hangin’ around And she’s out again
It’s all she can do these days to keep up with her younger friends.
She knows she needs to settle down But for now, she’s doing just fine
She’s gonna rock it out Just one more time

Tomorrow never comes for Yesterday’s Girl.
She’s got it all laid out in the here and now,
She’s gonna take it around the world.
Shows to go, you never know,
What she’ll say or do
But Yesterday’s Girl ain’t never gonna sing the blues-
It’s old news.

Yesterday’s Girl, yeah
Yesterday’s Girl, yodel-eh-hee-hoo
Yeah, yeah, yeah


New Album "Dreams" 2010, "Trouble & a Truer Sound" 2004, Floramay Holliday 1998. All released on Roseneath Records.

Set List

90 min set. Original country-folk-blues music with occasional country classics. Good music to dance to.