Flora Shakespeare

Flora Shakespeare


Flora Shakespeare is a band of Artists, creating music to with truth.


Influences: The Beatles Bob Dylan The Beach Boys Jorge Ben Paul Simon David Bowie The Kinks Queen Marvin Gaye Pixies Pavement Blur Elliott Smith Beck The Flaming Lips The White Stripes Animal Collective John Williams Radiohead The Rolling Stones Sam Cooke John Cage Lou Reed Electric Light Orchestra Buddy Holly George Gershwin Guided By Voices Dmitri Shostakovich The Band John Coltrane Johnny Cash Talking Heads Michael Jackson
Band Interests: Art, Space, Time, Nature, The World, Culture.


Out of Our Hands Ep- 4 songs available on Myspace.

Set List

8 songs at any time ready to play, most of the time, 5 songs last 21 minutes, depending on selection of songs.