Florida Kilos

Florida Kilos

 Tampa, Florida, USA

Featured Band-To-Experience in NYTimes, SXSW, CMJ, And 100's of right-on Blogs, Indie Rags, and Print. Hundreds of concerts/fests later: Still touring with sweat, still crashing with fans, still smashing guitars, American rock and roll music that people dance to, & still independent as hell. Amen.


Pryscila while working as a lifeguard saved Shawn from drowning (true story). Katherine grew up on the beach, and made friends on the road. They all met, fell in love and got sunburns and a van together (true story). It was decided that their mutual love of rock and roll music, AM stations on transistor radios and sunburns was no mistake. They started a band to play the sort of music they loved ... Just for the hell of it. They picked up 60's Fender guitars and old tube reverb amplifiers and see-thru drumkits that light up, because those sorts of things grow on trees in sunny Florida. Pryscila wrote a letter to Hal Blaine (of the Wrecking Crew) and asked how to tune her drumkit and he replied back with encouragement. Shawn contacts Carol Kaye (of the Wrecking Crew) about bass lessons. Katherine learned to surf via listening to Dick Dale and gets a blue skull tatooed on her chest. They wrote some songs in the garage and then ...

Their first show was with He's My Brother She's My Sister. Their second was opened by Hundred Waters and Levek. Their third was with the Night Beats. Then they met even more bands & friends & fans of music that offered encouragement and support, and the shows become sock hops.

Currently the group is preparing for their September - October tour with the Growlers (Midwest) and Broncho (Southeast). The band still loves each other, and look forward to bringing their sounds of sun and vacational excess to everyone.

Clearwater Blues / Daytona 7" Vinyl Now Available

Sunburns / Marvin Gay 7" EP to be released Fall 2012, recorded and mixed by Drew Vandenberg (Toro Y Moi, Deerhunter, Camper Van Beethoven)

Booking Contact - Jesse Rosoff | GTgroup | jesse@georgiatheatre.com
Press Contact- Tim Kay at Forest Fire Media: ForestFireMedia(at)Gmail.com

Watch their new pool hopping midnight bikini video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8OrAYJ7wds


Clearwater Blues

Written By: Florida Kilos

My baby joined a cult. I swear it was my fault. My baby joined a cult. And if I had been a better man, I'd be doing what I can. She is somewhere on a mission, never knew what she'd been missing and if I had been a better man, I'd be doing what I can. She called me on the phone. I begged her to come home. Called me on the phone, but she's somewhere scenic by a lake, speaking in tongues and handling snakes. If I had been a better man, I'd be doing what I can.


Written By: Florida Kilos

Met on the bridge. Picked up the sand. Blew off the snow. Started a band. Crowd they can't wait. Don't hesitate. Called mom and dad. It was too late. Uh oh. Daytona.
Called all our friends. Up on the phone. Tell 'em yr not. Not coming home. Hotels are nice. Beaches are free. Send all your love. Write home to me.
Uh oh. Daytona.
You know? The summer ends sooo soon. You know. We'll both be back by June.
We met on the bridge. Picked up the sand. Blew off the snow. Started a band. Called all our friends. Up on the phone. You're staying here. Not going home.
Uh oh. Daytona.


September 2012
The Clearwater Blues EP / 7" Vinyl Only
A Side: Clearwater Blues (My Baby Joined A Cult)
B Side: Daytona

February 2012
WMNF & NPR LIVE : 4 Song Live Recording from WMNF 88.5 FM Radio Sessions
1. Clearwater Blues
2. Daytona
3. Love Don't Mean
4. Sunburns

Set List

30 minute set: The band's 30 minute set is all killer no filler. Good for prom dances, sock hops etc. Band may decide to turn volume up or down, robe or disrobe clothing as needed to get people in what they call "the mood".

60 minute set: The band's 60 minute set contains fast songs and slow songs. The band doesn't do middle tempo songs. Holding hands is not permitted while band performs the 60 minute set.

2 x 45 minute sets: The band will perform two 45 minute sets. This is a total of 90 minutes. These shows are appropriate for beach parties, warehouse parties, art parties, parties on a boat size 30 feet or larger, or acid parties (with a level-headed chaperone, and refreshments to be provided to the band by the venue). Band will pause in between the first 45 minute set to adjust their underwear and makeup before continuing on with their additional 45 minute set. It is advised that someone knows how to DJ or operate an I-Pod between set one and two of the 45 minute sets as to