Florida Night Heat

Florida Night Heat

 Tampa, Florida, USA

"Delivering sweat-soaked sets of Southern drone-stoner griminess and pounding spaghetti Western-tinged psych rock-tronics"


Florida Night Heat is a three piece instrumental band from Tampa, Florida. Bassist Andre Jones, guitarist Jensen Kistler and drummer Chris Wood came together as a band in the summer of 09 on the way to the State Fair. Since then stages all over south Florida from dive bars to festivals have been rocked by their tri-force of sonic savagery. A street corner in Austin, Texas also fell victim. In 2011 the band released their first full length entitled #immortality. Within a few shows time all hard copies were sold and thousands downloaded. Recording is complete for a follow up vinyl-only ep, "Omegas," which will see a release in late 2012.


#immortality (LP) 2011

Omegas (vinyl ep) 2012