Flow Eazy

Flow Eazy

 Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Flow Eazy is a rapper, songwriter, lyricist and performer. Since her move to Chicago, Flow’s indisputable talent and sparkling charisma has created a platform for her amongst her peers.


Flow-Eazy, talent personified through passion. She is the female Hip-Hop lyricist of Flyy City evoking excitement in the ears of young urban college students and professional young adults. Flow’s music is one of a kind. Her eagerly anticipated, debuting single “Dat Boom” is an aspiring club hit for the drinkers, dancers, and club goers.

Growing up in both the Midwest and Southwest, with a musically inclined family background and support system, Flow has taken Chicago's urban recording industry by storm since her arrival to the Windy City in the fall of 2005.

Flow-Eazy is an artist of dynamic presence and extraordinary talent. After honing her performance skills in local talent competitions, Flow’s abilities have placed her amongst the who's who of Chicago, where she is one of the members of Flyy City Music Group.

Her charisma and unflinching go-getter attitude has garnered her praise from major label artists such as Shawnaa (DTP) and HotStylez (Jive Records) as well as opened doors for her to perform with celebrated artists such as Mic Terror, Twista, and Crucial Conflict.

Flow is not only creating a name for herself, she is creating a sound and a brand. Her music has acquired performances at various accredited music and entertainment venues including the House of Blues, Player’s Ball of SIUC, and the Chicago hot spot club Entourage.

With every bar she spits over, and every beat she graces, her audience can hear her words personified. Flow's dynamic presence and undeniable talent are carving a lane that can't be hindered. With current records "Juice and Vodka" and "Dat Boom" creating massive local buzz, one can see that it's just the beginning for Flow; the best is yet to come.


Current single, "Dat Boom"
Mixtape, "Life of the Party"
EP, "Night With Flow"

Set List

Flow's typical sets are 2-3 songs in length. Starts with "Stylin" leads into "Supa Dope" and ends with her single, "Dat Boom"