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Barmouth, Wales, United Kingdom | SELF

Barmouth, Wales, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Hip Hop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Hey who can i get in contact to getting a artist to perform at your festival next year even at a low stage it would be brilliant for us to get some recognition.
He isn’t signed but this could change by performing at one of your festivals. Hes currently being played on a few local radio stations and a large station called Rinse FM across the whole UK.
The artists called Flow50, he's an up and coming artist in the UK, his style is unique listening will show what i mean, as the producer Dready and artist Wiley really like his music and many other artists do.
Working with different artists in the such as Viollet, Jnr and P Loco to say the least has got him the chance to create some great tracks,
also getting tracks from Warner Brother’s artist XV was a huge accomplishment, three tracks to be precise.

He has performed live before in the local areas, but we want to perform next year for him to get the experience and get people to start listening to his music,and he has the determaination
to do so.
We dont care if he doesnt get paid, or even a long set time, we just want to perform to a larger scale and to gain more experience and more fans through his music. But if we wouldnt get paid would there be a way where you could sort

a place to stay or so instead of being paid?

We Want 2011 to be a great year for him as everything is going to start this with many music videos and more, so being able to play at some of the worlds best festivals will and would be
something amazing for him to do for the year and something to hopeflly be great for your festival to fill some slots. His First single is out in Febuary with a video to go with it, it features XV and samples a classic and i mean
classic dance track you are bound to know it and your festival goers. We know that FLow50 will do a great live set regardles the size of the stage and the amount of time he has, he just wants 2011 to be great for him
and his family.

If we've emailed the wrong section could u pass to the right one? I can easily send some music to you to hear but will provide a YouTube channel with some on there.
Thank you for your time it would be brilliant if something could happen.

Tyrone Carr-Manager
(Youtube being updated for his new Mixtape in Febuary with tracks With XV (Warner Bros) & More. If more tracks wanted just ask)

PS- IF you wish to hear other tracks which aint on the Youtube channel and on his
next mixtape Featuring XV and others please check his "Setlist" That might be for
your festival. Please consider we coul create a great performance for all.


Name-Tyrone Carr

Email- Bigboity2010@hotmail.co.uk

Number- 07825876625

Address- 4A

Heol Llewelyn



LL42 1LF

Furture Festivals-2011
(More To Be Named)
Winter Sessions 2011-France,April
Wakestock 2011-Wales,July
Guilfest 2011-UK-July
Arenal Sound 2011-Spain-August 5th-Beach Stage
Optimus Alive 2011-(Close to agreeing) - Tyrone Carr


Masterpeice-EP-16 Tracks
Emotion Music Mixtape-EP-18Tracks
Emotion Music-LP-18 Tracks

Good To Me Ft Lily Allen & Professor Green
Flying Ft XV
Unbeatable Ft 16Barz & JNR
Big Goof Ft P Loco

Flying Ft XV (Warner Bro) -Played on- Rinse FM-WHOLE UK
Unbeatable FT 16Barz & JNR-Local Brimingham Radio & London
Windlow-Local Birmingham Radio Station & London
Good To Me Ft Lily Allen & Professor Green-Radio 1 Introducing
So Many More to add to all



Craig Mercer, aka Flow50, is an up and coming artist from the UK. Like so many other UK Hip-Hop artists the 19-year-old Barmouth MC/Artist has been writing music since the age of 16, but it wasn’t until he was 17 he started to record music. An unsigned artist, he’s used them simple words to help him gain momentum and push himself on each song he’s produced, “ I didn’t want to put out a song which didn’t have a concept or a meaning of any sort. Because music without a concept is music without life”
When he first got the courage to show his brother his music, he was amazed of what skill he had. He wasn’t just wasting his life in his room creating track after track and having no one know of what he was doing. He decided finally he had to show his friends of what he was doing in his own time, and were all supportive of the music he was making and had skill of artists he looked up to.
“Hard work is nothing without talent” when Flow50 started releasing his music across the internet, he was surprised at the feedback he received quickly. It wasn’t until he released his first EP ‘The Masterpiece’ people started to him seriously. This EP gained him a lot of buzz across the internet and people wanted more. With this EP he started getting a lot of radio play underground and mainstream radio stations such as Flames Radio & Rinse FM to name a few wanted to play his music. This helped him get across the UK a lot more easily then word of mouth.
When being played on the radio, people wanted to work him, he started working with many UK & US artists who helped him get across to many different fans. Working with artists such as Viollet, P Loco, JNR & 16 Barz this helped him create music people could relate to and really enjoy, especially on the radio. It wasn’t until he emailed producer of Warner Brothers artist XV, Seven the producer sent Flow50 some tracks to see what skill he had, after a week of writing his best on them, he got a reply off Seven stating he had real good potential to make it big and to work with him more, thus creating Flow50’s soon to be first single with XV.
As word spread of the music Flow50’s was making, many people started to see what artist he was becoming. Having gained a lot of buzz on YouTube & Facebook he wants to make the best music he can do and one day work with the best across the UK and show everyone that the UK has many unsigned artist which can make something big out themselves in such a short period of time.
Having done a few shows across the UK he’s shown what he can do on stage. His music was accepted easily which is strange for up and coming artist, as it’s a hard genre to break though in. But this helped him gain a lot of momentum and courage, which has brought the attention of more fans, more live shows and more great music.
Flow50 wants 2011 to be a great year for himself. His next Mixtape ‘Equilibrium’ is set to launch this year across the internet, which he claims is his best work yet. With the year sure to start with a bang with new music videos and new music for his fans, touring this year will be his best shot at getting his music across more. As more and more festivals are being lined up its going to be a great way for him to truly show his music across Europe, to new people, and hopefully become one of the broad faces in Hip-Hop as a breakthrough artist.
“I was born ready but I’m was just waiting for the right time to make a move, as timing is everything” Flow50