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"Cordobian Fernando Vacas did their firsts with "english sung indie". Later, he evolutionated to the "spanish-spoken" pop, genre that he has contributed to enrich with his wide perspective, integrating "anglo" aspects with the "spanish southern". He went to Mexico for recording his fourth album, and he came back with songs as beautiful as "Prefiero Los Ángeles", such meaningful song from an album that trasmit the pop magnetism and assert what necesary is Vacas in our independient scene" R.C. - El País EP3


"Echo en México"(2009)
Under the spectre of the songs steeped in mexican tradition in confrontation with pop music, there is an underlying character who plays the main role in most of the stories belonging to the record: "I'm not in love with disorder but with chaos". The chaos that permeates feelings and turns into songs is what makes a much richer kaleidoscope of flavours and influences, a kaleidoscope over which the most popular emotion floats. A record with many memorable moments in which we can find the Californian "Prefiero Los Ángeles", the tribute to the great Dennis Wilson of "Azul Pacífico" or the moving "Amor a Tientas", closer to la canción ligera/melodic music ,a song performed as a duet with Eli Guerra (a mexican pop icon) that will be published as a single in Spain as well as in Mexico. Covers like "Victoria” by the Kinks, adapted on this occasion to refer to the most popular brand of mexican beer, a real declaration of intentions in "Cascadas 333", or songs of a traditional style like "La Flor del Tamarindo", receive us with dangerous open arms to close the circle with "El Grito", a tribute to the mexican people midway between nervous after punk and disco rock, that makes the record cyclical and perfect. No doubt this is the most classic,accessible and brilliant record by Flow.

"Lo Normal"(2006)
"Artes Marcianas" (acuarela, 2002)
"Sensazione" (acuarela, 2000)
"Headquake" (elefant records, 1995)



Flow is one of the bands that possess the strongest personality in the Spanish musical scene. Since 1992 when they started to record their first EP for Elefant Records, the band has released albums and has performed concerts nonstop,which places them among the pioneer alternative bands of the Spanish scene together with Los Planetas, Sr. Chinarro and El Inquilino Comunista that revolutionized the independent musical scene in Spain. Flow has recorded with elefant records (Headquake), acuarela (Artes Marcianas and Sensazione) and published their latest record with their own label, eureka. Sensazione was a sales hit and very much applauded by audiences; with "Lo Normal", in 2006, a totally renewed Flow came back with a creativity that overflowed in many directions and with a certain classic flavour. This time, Flow have rushed headlong into adventure, and, in México they have composed and recorded "Echo en México", and mixed it in L.A., all in just a month and a half. No doubt this is the most international, brave, but also classic,accessible and brilliant record by Flow. NOWADAYS their song "Amor a Tientas" have been selected by Mtv as one of the best songs of the year and their two new videoclips are high accepted on all the spanish tv channels.