Tampa, Florida, USA


FLOW DE MUERTE embarks on his artistic career on the streets of BROOKLYN N.Y. In time FLOW DE MUERTE moves to PUERTO RICO once there he begins to perfect his lyrical craft as a Singer and Songwriter. His killer flow which in Spanish translates to FLOW DE MUERTE quickly starts earning him recognition within the local music scene. After a few years of living in PUERTO RICO he moves back to NEW YORK embarking on the mission of becoming a Music Producer and Music Engineer to complete the total package needed to create music from start to finish without dependency. The year 2007 gives birth to FLOW DE MUERTE's Indie Record Label ICYBLAZErecords which continues to grow and quiet the Critics thanks to the Label's supporters and friends worldwide. A major part of the success attained by the label is attributed to FLOW DE MUERTE's music. FLOW DE MUERTE without a doubt continues to push the boundaries of the Urban Music landscape by creating music which is both innovative and impacting. FLOW DE MUERTE is poised for musical stardom and embarks on this mission armed with a microphone and his talent. DON'T MISS OUT on FLOW DE MUERTE !!!


FLOW DE MUERTE's upcoming album CORTA VENA