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 New London, Connecticut, USA
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We embody real Rock & Roll, real Hip hop, Soul, R&B, & much more. Flowers & Kain is a true "new hybrid" of music. All members born loving classic rock, Hip Hop,and everything in between. Thanks to our hard work, love from our fans in CT, RI, NY,Mass, FLOWERS & KAIN is ready rock with the world.


King Henry V may have coined the term "band of brothers" to describe his soldiers way back in 1415, but Flowers & Kain are the modern day personification of that phrase. Composed of guitarist Ryan "Killa" Kain, vocalist/rapper Bryan "Bobby Flow" Flowers, drummer Nathaniel "Nasty" Scott, and bassist Josh "Varsity" Vera, the New London, Connecticut quartet maintain a familial synergy that comes across in their unique blend of hip-hop, rock and reggae, resulting in a refreshing sound all their own. "The name Flowers & Kain has come from a lifetime of brotherhood," explains Bobby Flow, who founded the group with his childhood friend Killa Kain. "Kain and I have been best friends since we were five years old. Our names were always lumped together because of our sports accolades, throwing ridiculous parties and just being ourselves. We both held this persona of honesty, camaraderie, drive and persistence that wheel barreled into the personality of the band. There is so much depth in the name."

All four members fell in love with music at an early age. Killa Kain's father managed a local rock club, where his mother bartended and recalls her then-unborn son grooving to the tunes from inside the womb. Kain would later take up the guitar as a kid and perfect his craft throughout his college years. Bobby Flow's mother was a member of South Carolina State's marching band, so he learned how to play the trumpet when he was eight and started writing songs by the time he was 10. Nasty had a similar musical pedigree, playing the drums since elementary school and sharpening his skills throughout his late teens. Josh Vera is the band's newest member and he's been truly amazing. over 10 years of experience, adept in various styles of music ranging from Hard core rock, to his favorite funk. While they all followed different paths, these four like minded individuals came together with one common goal in mind to make impact-full music. "For us, music was a lifelong love," says Bobby Flow. "Playing music started out as something that we just did as kids. Nobody ever told us to do it. It was the first thing we ever worked really hard at without a teacher or a coach motivating us." How the band came together, though, was a completely organic chain events. Back in 2005, Killa Kain and Bobby Flow signed up for a open mic event at Hanafin's Irish Pub in New London CT( their hometown). Forging a on-going working relationship, the duo spent the next few months developing a set that they'd perform throughout the area on a weekly basis. Eventually picking up a drummer, Flowers & Kain made its professional debut during a 2006 Cinco de Mayo show. Success began to steamroll from there. That June, they opened for platinum-selling singer/songwriter Ne-Yo during a New London performance. Within their first year together, Flowers & Kain was approached to play at various high profile events including Sailfest, a popular three-day festival that draws over 300,000 spectators each summer. Based of their ever-growing fan base and energetic performances, the band quickly racked up press in respected publications like The New London Day, Norwich Bulletin, New Haven Advocate and Westerly Sun. By March of 2008, Flowers & Kain went through a brief lineup change as their original drummer left the fold and was replaced by Nasty. Killa Kain explains, "Nasty brought his own style and colorful feel to the group."

Once the lineup was finalized, Flowers & Kain put out their first studio project, Early Release. Available online and sold hand-to-hand during performances, the album highlighted their infectious, genre-bending sound and spawned key records that have furthered their notoriety. Crowd pleasers like the head nodding "Heat of the Rhyme" and the ultra cool "I Like Flyin"epitomize their ability to craft tracks that defy definition and speak to the realities of the human experience. Flowers & Kain's breakout hit, however, is the upbeat "2 O'clock Man," which has gotten consistent spins on New London radio stations, which virtually unheard of for an unsigned act. "Every song we had was ripped right from the front pages of our lives," explains Bobby Flow."Our experiences with our friends, families, and life are the base of our creativity. Our approach is to keep the music hot, meaningful and real to the soul."

In addition to working on new material for their next release and securing a label deal, Flower & Kain is continuing to rack up high profile performances alongside the likes of Universal recording artist Colin Munroe and budding hip-hop star Asher Roth. With plans for a national boutique tour in the works, this band of brothers is ready to make a full-scale assault on the industry. "There was a crucial time when we were juniors in high school and the potion of Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z's music, Led Zeppelin's rock, and Jimi Hendrix's guitar genius further guided us to where we knew we wanted to be in music," says Bobby Flow. "We knew then how we we



Written By: Bryan Flowers, Ryan Kain

{Chorus - Bobby Flow & Ryan Kain}
Mary Jaaane she's my thaaang
Mary, Mary Jaaane she's my thaaang
Mary, Mary Jaaane she's my thaaang
Jaaane she's my thaaang

[Bobby Flow]
I remember nine seven, I was young and shameless
I was in the twelfth grade but Mary Jane was ageless
She was so nat-ural, no need for makeup
Almost been 10 years and we ain't close to breaking up
First meeting at the park Bobby couldn't help but stare
She was walking through my life and I can smell her pretty hair
Cupid cocked back and shot, fell in love lip-locked
Conversation sparked up and she loved hip-hop
Back then game tight, bagged like zip-lock
Seen her now and then, rollin with her friends
Dutchess, Lily, Garcia, Philly, Chocoloate, Thai
I eased beside her, rollin' in my easy rider
She's a rider, check cell phone taps for wires
We paint the city red while I squeal the tires
Out the sunroof screamin' "more fire"


[Bobby Flow]
The rhyme styles can change but I'ma always be the same
As long as it's me and my Mary Mary Jane
It's just not the same, without you Mary Jane
First Alicia took some Ki's now she don't even know my name
Damn we had plans we grew up together
We graduated to hustlers, we blew up together
We drank, drunk at the parties throwin up together
When cops took you away we still stuck together
Mom dukes never thought that you was much, whatever
But never will I ever say goodbye to Mary Jane
Cuz we speak so very plain
Love affairs bound to hurt
I love her cuz she's so down to Earth
She loves me cuz once in a blue
The tension gets too thick for my sober mind to cut through


[Bobby Flow]
I'm sorry I gotta leave but I need time to myself
I know I said it before but I can't lie to myself
My actions are saying yes but in my mind to myself
I'm on my deem without you
Talk shit and dream about you
In a plane with our tomorrows on a train
Then we dissappeared but I was right behind ya
Went up and down the block all day to find ya
Out my mind, so I end up doing time behind ya
Got locked so, I had to give my man my last two
Cold world never gave a damn about you
Grapevine say they got a war to out you
But great minds wouldn't leave the crib without you
Mary Jane, I get bent out of shape without you
I'll never take an 'L' in this place without you
Listen to the lies that they make about you
Lovely cuz there ain't nothing fake about you


You know we love you Mary Jane
You know it, you know it
You know we love you Mary Jane...

Love is real

Written By: Bryan Flowers, Ryan Kain

[Intro - Bobby Flow]
Really love

[Bobby Flow]
Love...Love is like a stone cold addiction
More like an overdose when you rollercoaster attention
That's between two people that's equally been deceitful
That only leads to fightin' and sleepin' with other people
Now the arguments is outside now, hurtin' my pride now
She always wanna sigh and roll her eyes while we lie down
My brains is fried now, it's time to decide now
Do I be a player for life or wanna be tied down
And while she's in the other room takin' off her clothes
She hears my phone ring and then she's askin' if it's hoes
She's on her P's and Q's, she's stayin' on her toes
But that jealousy's a "wanna be with B-Flow" felony
Love's hate's misery, fuck that shit is killin' me
Listen to my lines and see exactly what it did to me
Real is love and love is real
But could the one that you're in love with be the one that gets you killed

{Chorus 2x}
Love, love baby love is real
It doesn't matter really how you feel
Love, love baby love is real
Love is real, love is real

[Bobby Flow]
The endin' is still pendin' ain't no need in pretendin'
I'm just happy she ain't on a hundred drugs and gettin' pregnant
With some other dude's baby, that would really drive me crazy
Now I'm caught up, how would I explain that to my daughter?
Mommy hate daddy she be dissin' him
She even went as low as bringin' another dude to your first Christinin'
That sadly, truly got to daddy
And she was being catty and really treating me badly
And even worse, to add insult to injury
She showed daddy pictures doing something that she shouldn't be
Great - and now your brain's all baked
And she'll need counslin' for trouncin' a motherfuckers at eight
But the problem is she really needs a father in her life
The other kids be braggin' 'bout they father every night
Tucks them in and gives them hugs and kisses and such
Then him and mommy go downstairs and they start lightin' up the SUV

Love, love baby love is real
It doesn't matter really how you feel
Love, love baby love is real
Love is real, love is real
Love, love baby love is real
It doesn't matter really how you feel
Love, love baby love is real
Love is real, love is real
Love is real
It doesn't matter really how you feel
Love, love is real, love is real love is real, love is real



1. Don't You Know That

2. Life's Like

3 .Heat Of The Rhyme: Feat Chum The Skrilla Gorilla

4. 2 O'clock Man

5. My Addiction

6. Love Is Real

7. I Can Hear You Comin'

8. Maryjane: Feat DJ Chum the Skrilla Gorilla

9. All I Need

10. Till It Hurts

11. I Like Flyin: Feat DJ Chum the Skrilla Gorilla

Set List

Our usual night we play three sets, nine songs( an hour or more) a set, with short set brakes in between set. We have 30 plus original songs to pick from to make a set list. Depending on the crowd we may Cover: Bob Marley, Kanye, Biggie, Jay-z, Led zepplin, slick Rick, & more