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Flowers For Lily

Hughenden, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Hughenden, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jerel Johnson reviews Flowers For Lily"

Flowers for Lily gets it right. This Australian rock band with gloomy sensibilities nails the hard riffs with angst ridden vocals with relative ease. “Cupid” may not be a song that will get that much radio airplay due to its chorus line, “shooting children in the heart it’s not a game”, but the song is so catchy it does not even matter. The track has the perfect loud/soft contrast with big rock riffs spliced with acoustic interludes that add to the song’s power.

“Cemetery Forest” will probably appeal to the AFI crowd with its gothic imagery of coffins and death. The track is essentially punk rock with roaring drums and slightly over the top vocals. “Breaking Bread” is a bit on the heavier side with the murky riffs and somewhat moody atmosphere.

Flowers For Lily could very well go on to achieve success in America as the band has the mainstream appeal yet still has a sense of underground integrity that will allow for great coverage from more independent magazines. The music draws from a slew of influences which allows the band to not stick within the parameters of any particular genre. Flowers For Lily is already on the right track for a band that has only played together for one year. The band performed at this year’s Big Day Out Festival and were even nominated for an Independent Music Award. The band plans to spend the next year recording new material and touring. With a work ethic like this, there is no reason this band will not become a breakout success in 2010. Check them out at - Target Audience Magazine

"Isaac Davis Jnr Review"

"...dark, mysterious, and haunting..we are excited to introduce Flowers For Lily to our readers..." - Junior's Cave Online Magazine

"DJ Dusky the Cat Black"

Brand New Blinded...great track, really enjoyed it, great light and shade... - Global Thunda Network: Resonance Radio

"Azaria Byrne" guys were amazing. - THEART

"Tim Chapman"

Loved the show...Greg is an animal on that guitar! - Tsunami Magazine

"Magdalena Sky"

Super tight musicians...singers voice gave me shivers and made my heart cry. - Mz Ann Thropik

"JB Swift reviews Flowers For Lily - A Name Will Come"

REVIEW: Flowers for Lily - A Name Will Come

Australian band Flowers for Lily has created a dark, psychedelic melancholy with their album A Name Will Come. With pockets full of emotion, these troubadours of dark rock have brought to life a powerhouse collection of great songs.

Starting off with Cemetery Forest, the listener really gets a taste dynamically for what Flowers for Lily is all about. This track starts of with a great guitar intro and then switches into full gear.

Brand New Blinded has more of the dark sound of A Perfect Circle with epic overtones not unlike The Who - much darker, of course.

The third track, Cupid, is where this album switches gears. With a more mainstream rock feel, this song seems to have a little Weezer influence thrown into the mix.

Hill of Skulls surprisingly, despite its title, takes the ‘dark’ out of dark rock. This track really shows the diversity that Flowers for Lily has in their music.

Breaking Bread is an epic song that will simply take your breath away. The dynamics in this song especially stand out as they play a key role in building up the energy for the awesome guitar solo towards the end.

Awkwardly, Prelude is the last track on A Name Will Come. This song makes an excellent ending track. It is a calm, acoustic style track to bring you back down to earth.

Flowers for Lily has done a wonderful job with A Name Will Come. It is a well rounded album with a lot to offer musically and lyrically.

4 out of 5 stars - Swift Reviews


2008: A Name Will Come EP

Received extensive airplay
on Community Radio and
numerous Internet Stations

Tracks from this EP featured in BLUNT magazine, Lip Service, (Soundtrack) Powercruise (DVD)

2009: "Live at Studio 55" Live EP released on iTunes

Next release currently in production.

iPhone/iPod Touch International 'Radio App' features 'Flowers For Lily Radio' - with tracks from all releases.



Flowers For Lily have created a uniquely dark and melodic sound that majestically surpasses the preceding alternative underground.

Originally dubbed "California Gothic", their sound has since become synonymous with the term "dark rock", a less accurate but more popular view of the Flowers For Lily genre.

Lead singer Jimmy Sky, accused on numerous occasions of being over 256 years old (he refutes the accusations) prefers to think of the music as "Crunge", as he believes it is not only an apt description of their sound and associated emotive references, but also a pivotal part of the bands' musical influences.

Flowers For Lily claim their influences as "broad-ranging and diverse", and inclusive of Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, MUSE, Placebo, HIM, Foo Fighters, Filter, Silversun Pickups, The Doors, Incubus, Unwritten Law, Lizst, The Beatles, and Debussy.

Formed in 2008, The band quickly caught national attention by landing a spot at the Big Day Out in 2009, as well as being nominated for an Independent Music Award, an international honour sought after by bands from six continents.

Releasing the 'A Name Will Come' EP, the four-piece have since gained a reputation as a 'band's band', drawing respect and kind words not from critics (in fact one reviewer's more positive terminology included the word 'menacing') but instead from a growing number of bands and musicians, notably including TheArt, Mz Ann Thropik, and Sydonia. Songs from the EP (Cemetery Forest and Brand New Blinded) have appeared on the ‘Lip Service’ soundtrack; their music has also featured on 'Powercruise' DVDs 14 & 15, as well as BLUNT Magazine's "LOUD NOISES" collection.

Flowers For Lily have played an array of live shows to their adoring and ever-expanding fanbase, including supports for Mz Ann Thropik, Sydonia and TheArt, and more recently at Brisbane's "Valley Transmission".

They are currently in and out of recording with Jeff Lovejoy (Tex Perkins, The Cruel Sea, Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Custard), managing studio time with their live commitments.

2010 is scheduled to see Flowers For Lily release new material, and naturally, play more shows to more fans than ever before.

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