Flow Latino

Flow Latino

 London, England, GBR

A fresh and unique latin urban act, based in the UK with a variety of sound thats ear catching and a band look that attracts a whole range of Audiences


Valenciz & Alvarez have come along way in the past few years, from recording tracks in a friends bedroom when they first started out, to now Supporting Superstar Pitbull live in the UK's Most prestigious Venue the 02 last month.

The Flow Latino craze has seemed to have taken hold of the UK Latin scene, and their Debut Mixtape will do more to fuel the craze, with its complete versatile mix of what they have aptly named simply 'Urban Latin' music, which seems to consist of anything and everything within the Urban genre, whether it's Reggaeton to Hip-Hop, House to Reggae or Funky to Dancehall, the group have long been unwilling to label themselves as simply Reggaeton Artists, preferring to showcase their unique styles through various types of Urban music, all with a Latin twist of course.

The mixtape is full of unique Club bangers, Romantic style tracks for the ladies, and a mix of music to suit all tastes and styles.

The track listing and link to mixtape are below where you can listen online or download the full mixtape.

The duo are also currently working with Top UK House producer Whytepatch on a UK Release to be uncovered in early 2010, so we eagerly await the next instalment from Flow Latino.


1.Misterious Girl FT Aggro Santos

2. Im Drunk Again (Club Summer Hit)


4.Te Necesito


6. Hands On

Set List

Im Drunk Again 5:00 Mins
Misterious Girl 3:30 Mins
Waoo 3:40 Mins
Hands On 4:00 Mins
Sensual 3:20 Mins

Set Range From 15 To 20 mins