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The best kept secret in music


"On The Verge: Flowmotion:Seattle, WA"

The five-piece FLOWMOTION delivers enticing grooves and rhythms guaranteed to keep any audience in motion. The band's instrumental work sparkles with originality and flows with precision and purpose. FLOWMOTION blends funk, rock, jazz and more with intoxicating African and Latin rhythms and emerges with a warm sound. Originally formed in October, 1999, the band now averages about 180 shows a year. It has opened for nationl acts such as Widespread Panic but should soon be headlining in its own right. Like many other grasssroots bands, it hosts an annual festival, "The Flowmotion Summer Meltdown," in which other up-and-comming Northwest acts are also featured. To date, FLOWMOTION has released two CDs. The latest, Know by Now, is a finely-crafted effort with a dozen diverse cuts woven together with recurring thematic elements. "Drop In the Flow" and "Tasty" (both over 11 minutes) highlight the band's instrumental prowess, while the title cut and the melodic "Mountain Grove" show that they can write and sing great songs. It's been a long while since I've played a new disc so many times in such a short space of time. - Relix Magazine

"Flowmotion "works like water, it goes where it wants.""

Imagine celebrity musicians gathered to hold a benefit concert for people of the world who have lost the will to dance. Neil Young on harmonica, Stevie Wonder on keyboards, Jamiroquai on vocals and Santana's instrumentalists meld together a al "We Are the World."

If one can imagine that scene, one can imagine the melting pot of styles that is "knowbynow," the sophomore album from Seattle-based band Flowmotion. The four-piece ensemble will rock the Bean Scene, June 25.

Josh Clauson plays guitar and sings lead vocals in Flowmotion; he said the name goes along with the band's style.

"We've never been able to nail down a certain style," Clauson said. "It flows together, it works like water, it goes where it wants."

Flowmotion judges its shows by how many people are up and moving. Clauson said they desire a "sweaty and smiley" reaction from the crowd.

"We try and focus on a lot of dance-oriented music," he said. "We like bands that make us sit there and have our jaw wide open as musicians, but as entertainers we like to make people boogie."

The band members think it's "weird" when they play a show and the crowd remains still, wich Clauson said happens varey rarely.

"If they've never heard us, in about two songs they're going to be doing a little dance," he said. "If we go into a place and people are sitting, that's the first thing we're going to attack. We're not going to start playing ballads, we're going to make sure that people get up and move. As long as people take a minute to loosen up and dance, all systems are go."

The band's keyboardist cannot make the trip, so the band will be down to a four-piece selection: Clauson on guitar, Jesse Kansanback on bass, Scott Goodwin on drums and Bob Rees on percussion. Rees also plays avibraphone, which Clauson said "fills in the void of a keyboard." Goodwin and Kansanback provide backup vocals.

Though the band has visited Chico to record parts of their album and perform at the small bar, this concert will be the first time many people around Chico get to see Flowmotion. If people did the music, they will be able to buy the band's first two albums, "Flowmotion," and "knowbynow."

"Knowbynow" simulates a Flowmotion show as each track flows seamlessly into the next, merging distinct genres.

Also, the band will be promoting their Washington music festival.

"This is our fifth year throwing The Summer Meltdown, Clauson said. "We hire about 15 bands from the area to come out and we have a beatiful spot to throw it...just in between Seattle and Bellingham, The Skagit Valley. (We) draw about 1,000 people...(for) three days of camping, music, vendors, drummers, the whole deal."

Until July 9, the purchaser of a ticket to The Summer Meltdown will recieve a double CD of a multimedia-friendly Flowmotion set from last year's Meltdown.

The band is working on their third album, tentatively titled "A Round on the Rides," whcih will be realease in about six months.

"We're going to go radio-friendly with this album, keeping (the songs) all very short (with)very little jams," Clauson said.

"Pleaure Opportunity" from "knowbynow" is an example of a song where Flowmotion jams in a manner unfriendly to radio stations but extremely affable to audiences. Clauson said the version of the song on the Meltdown album is "soaked with funk."

"That song originally was written years ago by myself in a different band, and back then it had a different meaning then it dones now. Back then I was young," Clauson, 25, said, "And it was mostly a slang term for wanting to get a fine lady or whatever, now I realize that it's about getting people to get out and cut totally loose. What we do, it's our pleasure to give you that opportunity. The words say a lot."

Flowmotion will rock the Bean Scene Coffee House, 1387 E. Eighth St. in Chico, 8:30 p.m. June 25. Tickets are $5. For information, visit www.flowmotion.net. - ChicoER - Chicago Enterprise Record - The Buzz


Know By Now (2003)
Meltdown (2004)

For Booking: Mountain High Music, 303-415-1958
Rob Sarno, rob@mtnhighmusic.com
Aly Constine, aly@mtnhighmusic.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


Launching their distinctive world sound from the heart of Seattle, Flowmotion combines the roots of funk, jazz, rock and Latin influenced beats for a cross-cultural music experience. Their shows are renowned for high energy world funk and their irresistible ability to bring audiences to their feet for long-lasting dance celebrations.

Flowmotion is a melodic odyssey, known for their soaring vocals, smooth guitar signatures, and inspirational live improvisation. Attracting audience’s young and old, this act moves within traditional lines of musicianship, while breaking the sonic boundaries of the past.

One of the important elements to the Flowmotion presentation is their ability to drive multiple rhythms and styles of music by switching instrumentation and vocals during each set. All of the musicians are accomplished drummers and vocalists contributing to their unique sound and arrangement.

Featuring Joshua Clauson; on lead guitar, percussion, and vocals, Jesse Kansanback; on bass, percussion and vocals, and Bob Rees and Scott Goodwin on drums, percussion, and vocals; this act takes pride in writing timeless music that is distinctive and unique to their market.

The band has shown consistent success on a regional level, touring through and playing in festivals in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and Idaho. In Seattle, they have become a perennial favorite at large outdoor celebrations. They have shared the stage at many of the city’s renowned festivals such as Bumbershoot, Folklife Festival, the Fremont Fair, Bite of Seattle, and several Seattle Peace Concerts.

In addition, each year Flowmotion also hosts their own 3-day festival called the Flowmotion Summer Meltdown, highlighting their ability to continue to carve out their own path of musical genius. The Summer Meltdown is host to some of the best up-and-coming acts in the Northwest.