Floyd King

Floyd King


Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist in the folk/roots tradition.


Floyd King -Song Stylist/Guitarist

He is a seasoned veteran of the Atlantic Canadian club circuit and a tremendously skilled songwriter.

His song, Come Home To Nova Scotia, won out over more than two hundred other submissions for selection as the theme in Nova Scotia's Old Home Summer campaign to increase tourism to the province.

The novelty song released with SPICE, Give Me Money For Christmas is still played each holiday season more than fifteen years after it was recorded.

He has appeared on radio and on television many times, including spots on the Tommy Hunter Show and the Canadian Country Music Awards Show.

Song writing and production have always been the areas of the music industry that Floyd felt most content developing.

His work producing and co-writing songs on Terry Kelly's Divided Highway CD helped to win awards from the ECMA, the CCMA and from SOCAN in recent years.

The production values that Floyd brought to the Divided Highway project resulted in Terry Kelly being nominated to receive a Juno Award for Vocalist of the Year in 1995.

Continuing his collaboration with Terry Kelly, Floyd produced the majority of tracks on Terry's CD, Far Cry From Leaving.

Floyd has performed across Canada, the United States and Australia and can occassionally be seen as the featured guitarist with Terry Kelly's touring band.

Floyd's latest incarnation is as a solo performer.


Out of Control

Written By: Floyd King

Out of Control (c) 2006 Floyd King
writer Floyd King

I'm out of control, gone 'round the bend
Over the limit, off the deep end
In over my head, head over heels
And the farther I fall the finer It feels
Falling in love, crazy for you
I couldn't stop now if I wanted to.
You're here in my heart, it's out of my hands
I'm out of control.

Thought I'd arrived where I wanted to be
I had control over my destiny
Strong as a fortress, I stood alone
Love was a weakness I had outgrown
Just when my life seemed completely arranged
You came along and everything changed
Oh what a dreamer I turned out to be

Now I can't believe what's happening to me

Çause I'm out of control, gone 'round the bend
Way over the limit, right off the deep end
In over my head, head over heels
And the farther I fall the finer It feels
Falling in love,but what can I do?
I couldn't stop now if I wanted to.
You're here in my heart, it's out of my hands
I'm out of control.


Writes and Co-Writes:
I have collaborated with Terry Kelly on many songs on his albums . Some are listed below along with any additional writers:

"We Can Do Anything" ( Terry was writing about a new relationship, I was writing about a long-standing one -but it all worked out in the end)

"Moment To Moment" ( One of my favourite productions-nice ending based on Georges Hebert's production of the demo for this song.)

"Lucky Ones" with Declan O'Doherty ( Declan re-arranged and produced this one-We have a slower, alternate version we also like and we may re-record someday)

"In My Father's House" with Creighton Doane. ( Around this time I really liked Crowded House and wanted to write a trio- singable tune that leaned toward the "House" tight harmony sound- later, we even performed as a busker-type trio.I think this was our first collab.)

"Angel Wings " with Jimmy Rankin ( I contributed just a little to this one in its early form)

"In the Garden" ( Mostly Terry's tune-I contributed to the lyric on this one)

"I'm Going to be Alright" ( I really like the Beatle-esque middle 8 on this one.)

"Teach Me How To Line Dance Lulu" ( Terry's wife Anne came up with this title.)

"Ties That Bind" with Jerry Rideout and Doug Mallory

In 1982 my song "Come Home to Nova Scotia" won the Old Home Summer Song Contest, live on CBC TV

"Give Me Money For Christmas" is still annoying Halifax area radio audiences every Christmas ( Sorry , Folks)

Back in the days of our oldies band Spice I wrote "Prisoner of Love".

Sole Producer on Terry Kelly's "Divided Highway" album.

Produced 7 tracks on Terry's "Far Cry from Leaving" album.