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THE FLOYDSHOW, is a professional premier tribute band out of salt lake city that has captivated audience's from the east and west coast of the united states with their rendition of the pink floyd legacy that still captures audience's of all ages to this date.come relax with a night of pink floyd!!


THE FLOYDSHOW, formerly Sons of Nothing, is the renowned Floyd Show which toured the western states under the Sons name. Originally formed in 2002 at the request of a promoter wanting to hear “a set of Floyd”, Sons grew their set into an all out event. The Floyd Show was conceived by guitarist Tim Hollinger and bassist Thom Bowers. Both were accomplished musicians and long time fans of Pink Floyd. Sons of Nothing started to transform into a two fold band, playing original material alongside the Floyd Show.
The Floyd Show started to take on a life of its own, implementing elements of Pink Floyd’s stage show such as the infamous crashing airplane, projections screen, costumes and theatrics. People come to experience Pink Floyd and find no disappointment. The band’s dynamic surpasses that of Pink Floyd’s, which lulled in the latter years. Their mixture of original Floyd graphics (circa The Wall and Welcome to the Machine) and pop culture icons (The Simpson’s and South Park) contradict in an ethereally pleasing fashion. Any Pink Floyd fan can appreciate the exact replication of instruments and sound effects, along with the visual show. Though not on the scale of an original Pink Floyd concert, it is still a treat.



Written By: PINK FLOYD



no releases just yet live release coming soon!!

Set List

we do mostly old classic pink floy such as,

1.darkside of the moon (full album)

2.wish you were here

3.the wall (full album)

we also do some bootlegs such as:

"not now john"
"astronomy domaine"
"lucifer sam"
"set the controls for the heart of the sun"
"fat old sun"
"one of these days"
"learning to fly"
"dogs of war"
"high hopes"

and maybe a couple requested ones?.