Fluffers Union

Fluffers Union


The music of Fluffers Union is pop music, but only in the traditional sense that pop music is music that you can sing along to. The inclusion of noise, heavy rhythm and classical sensibilities makes for a unique musical experience.


Formed in 1998 in the small college town of San Marcos, located just south of Austin, Texas, Fluffers Union plays its own unique brand of unclassifiable pop music without regard for established musical molds. While still embracing their small town Texas roots, they draw from influences ranging from the Dead Kennedys to Don Williams, the Pixies to Richard Rodgers, Sonic Youth to Chopin; creating a unique and eclectic experience. Of their first album, Sirens Disco, the Austin Chronicle’s Christopher Gray remarked, “Their music works because it sounds like nothing else out there right now, and it still rocks. ‘Beautiful Mess’ is right,” referring to a track off of the 2002-released album.

Bandleader Bryan Crowell’s unique voice soars and scratches like a classically trained folk singer two packs into the day, as he hammers out rich piano melodies and succinct guitar phrases. Cody Richardson’s twangy telecaster mixes Buck Owens with Frank Zappa while Derek Starkey’s steady rhythm and Collin Downs’ ever energizing bass presence lay on top of Spenser Swietek’s powerful drumming. The well-constructed, lyrically smart epics take listeners on a roller coaster ride, equipped with the smooth stretches, the climbs, the jerks to the head and the feeling of wanting to do it again, all mixed up with the sadness of watching it happen without you while you wait in line for your turn.

Through thoroughly planned melodies, mathematical time changes, and witty turns of phrase, Crowell illustrates what it means to be heading in several directions at the same time, yet always ending up in the same place. What could be chaotic or angular is held together and smoothed out by the arrangements, which are as elegant as they are jarring, as dynamic as they are poetic, and as intelligent as they are irreverent, making Fluffers Union cohesive against all odds, by sheer will and determination along with the help of a cement mixer load of musical talent.

Fluffers Union followed their promising debut album with a 2004 EP release titled Segway, which features four eclectic full-length songs interspersed with a potato sack’s worth of short commercials that Crowell wrote for local Austin ad studio Tequila Mockingbird.

The band continues to tour, frequently visiting avid fan bases on the indie circuit, sharing the stage with national acts such as Jay Bennett (ex of Uncle Tupelo and Wilco) & Edward Burch, Jason Loewenstein of Sebadoh fame, Texas favorites and Misra Records recording artists Centro-matic, Mike Watt (formally of the Minutemen and fireHose), and a plethora of local and touring bands such as The High Strung, The Spiders and Bishop Allen.

Fluffers Union is gearing up to record their newest CD, a musical concept album of sorts, invoking the not yet established genre of the un-performed indie rock musical. The CD will be released in late 2005.


Hungarian Death March

Written By: Bryan Crowell

I’m sure you make your mother worry
You keep so little on your skin
That it’s a wonder that the winter
Has to blink to do you in

You were a schoolgirl for the Bishop
I’ve always been a fan of plaid
Because you never know when
Jesus Christ will stage a comeback
Best to dress to kill

Hey, I’ll bet you still knock ‘em dead
When you’re dog-eared
I’ll bet you still knock ‘em dead
Hey, if you can keep on your meds
When you’re dog-eared
I’ll bet you still knock ‘em dead

You keep your bathroom draped in models
So if you’re ever in the wrong
You’ve got a host of smiling beauty
To sing the chorus of this song

But I’ve seen moments when a deluge
Buckles the levies in your eyes
It happens every time that
Love comes down to Eskimo kisses
Given with your fist

Lovely as much as you’re crazy
Your gift to mankind just might be
One hell of a coronary

Jimmy Dean

Written By: Bryan Crowell

She would steal her mom’s lace
When she was fourteen in backseats with love on her face
She was having her fun, she was jumping the gun
On the whole human race

He was young for his age
He’d never seen the broad side of a broad off the page
When he met her that morn’, his libido was born
As he walked ‘cross her stage

And he was singin’
What a beautiful morning what a beautiful day
Smell the coffee a perkin’ here the birds as they play
Out of bed you arise, wipe the sleep from your eyes
Everything is Ok
What a beautiful morning what a beautiful day

She would sleep through the day
‘Cause cold winter nights and red lights ain’t too warm but they pay
By the age twenty-five all the lights they had died
In her eyes anyway

She had strung ‘em along
Men made of popcorn on string ‘round a tree in her home
On the day that she died all the ones who survived
Joined together in song

And they were singin’
What a beautiful morning what a beautiful day
Smell the coffee a perkin’ here the birds as they play
Out of bed you arise, wipe the sleep from your eyes
Everything is Ok
What a beautiful morning what a beautiful day

Lousy Excuse

Written By: Bryan Crowell

If I smoke enough
This piano could
Beat me to the grave it would

With stepchild burns
And yellow keys
It stands on eighty-eight trick knees

Know see why you’d have me
I don’t take care of things
Bills and girls and dishes
Not to mention me

If things had gone
The way I’d planned
This ’04 would be a grand

But this box of strings
In the Midwest
Would fashion itself after my attempts at
Fame and love and fall half flat at best

You don’t know how much you
Deserve major chords
I am sorry that I couldn’t
Give you more


Sirens Disco - LP - 2002

Segway - EP - 2003

Several tracks have recieved airplay on several stations in various places in the country.

The songs I AM/FM, Voices in My Head, Beautiful Mess, Farm Boy, Hungarian Death March and Give Me Drugs (amoung others) have recieved airplay on stations including but not limited to...

89.9 KTSW (San Marcos, TX)
90.5 KUT (Austin, TX)
91.7 KVRX (Austin, TX)
91.1 KWTS (Canyon, TX)
91.3 WCRD (Muncie, IN)
107.7 WRAX (Birmingham, AL)

Set List

We usually play one set 45 min - 1 hr.

The list of original songs include...

Lousy Excuse
Beast of Bourbon
New Bean
Voices in My Head
Hungarian Death March
Loose Lips make Better Kissers
Rock'a'Bye Baby Seals
What a Year
Jimmy Dean
Cowpunk Carl
It's Raining Midgets
Beautiful Mess

Some covers include...

The Statue Got Me High (They Might Be Giants)
After the Gold Rush (Neil Young)
King Me (Palace Brothers)
Walking the Cow (Daniel Johnston)