Fluffy Bunny Music

Fluffy Bunny Music

 Laguna Beach, California, USA

Fluffy Bunny Music was started to create opportunity and exposure for our artists and musicians via: Music licensing. Connecting our musicians with our Movie and TV affiliates creating a win win for all. ASCAP and BMI affiliated. LBBackstagepass@aol.com for further info


Music Publishing division of "Backstage Pass Management" is officially up and running, registered with ASCAP, BMI and next SESAC as "FLUFFY BUNNY MUSIC (Publishing).We are blessed to know a lot of super talented musicians, song writers, and rockers. We thought,why not connect our contacts in the Movie and Television industry to our large pool of talented musicians and make some money!!!. We want to put musicians together with opportunities that are right for them while exposing their music to entirely new fan bases at the same time. The artist is free to go elsewhere at any time, the artists maintains 100 % writers credits at all times. Backstage Pass has its own available advertising budgets to promote and showcase the various artists through the year where and when required.


BUMP- Skeletones, Closest Line Theory -Dream Life Misery, NMTL 2009 /Colorblind 2008/Dance Of The Revolution
Without Love 2010 -The Skeletones EP
Amy Heffernan -Dance