Fluffy Starr

Fluffy Starr


Fluffy Starr is a force of nature. An action packed Electronic Rock bomb going off in your face, in the form of a girl who believes she is a cartoon in living flesh and blood, reinventing Rock, one Rock fan at a time. Big badass futuristic sounds, a band who ROCKS, and a girl who can REALLY sing.


Fluffy Starr has garnered loads of fans globally on the world wide web, and is making new ones every day. With the recent release of her debut album entitled "Come On!" the floodgates are opening to a world of endless possibilities opportunities, which Fluffy is sifting through presently to see what would be the best choices.

The live show is dynamic, and unlike anything else in Vancouver, leaving the auddiences very pleasantly surprised with Fluffy Starr's delicious brand of aggressive yet moody Sci-Fi Rocktronica. It is Rock&Roll with a very surprising twist. And it has to be seen and heard to be believed. A Fluffy Starr show is something that you won't soon forget. If you are expecting your run of the mill ordinary rock show, you will be very wrong. The future is now. Fluffy Starr is here.


"Come On!" released Halloween 2007.

Set List

The set is approx 37 minutes long. It consists of 11 songs, plus a brief intro as the band enters the stage. The songs are in the same order as the album:

Come On!
Diffikult Grrl
Dirty Little Secret