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Change Here, Change Now (2008) : Tribute to Barack Obama's Quest for Change

Gotta Get It (2009) Release Single : Album:: "The Good Life"

1 Trey 7 (2009) Mix CD release in March 2009 Collaboroation with other Houston Based Artists including Lil Joe, V-Nice, Keewordz, William H. Wizard, Chrystal, features by Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, T.I.



Fluid can you tell us a little bit about yourself what makes you who you are?
I'm a native Houstonian, an intelligent and strong minded individual, matter of fact top 10% high school graduate, and have acquired two degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.  What propelled me to college was my love for basketball.  Out of high school, I was one of the top ranked basketball players in the state of Texas, and received a full basketball scholarship to Houston Baptist University.  While in college we never suffered a losing basketball season, winning 4 consecutive conference championships, and also holding a #1 National Ranking my freshman year.  Here is where I learned the mentatlity that losing is not an option, that the feeling of being defeated can not exist if I am to exist.  I feel what makes me special as an artist is my ability to relate real life experiences and ambitions to realistic life settings.  In the music I write, I try to always paint a picture from beginning to end, to let the intrigued inside the story being told instead of being left at the door.   

How did you get into music and what inspires you to become an artist?
I got into music early as young boy, listening to gray "Screw" tapes, and memorizing every lyric spit out.  I even remember recording and chopping my own versions of songs because I was so into the style of music that Houston is known for, Screw.  It always crossed my mine, "Why is Houston, and the music we listen to, never played on the radio?"  We've always had unique and hot concepts to songs, and real artists and rappers to back them up, but nothing never went mainstream until the near past.  The cars, candy, beat, woodgrain, pop trunk, and swanging was always in the music put out, and now it's starting to get recognition for what should have been.  Anyway, that has always been on my mind.  Me and Lil Joe have always been creative.  Whether it was making movies or songs, we've always had an innovative mindset.  We would rap on whatever we could record an instrumental and our voice on, and always worked our way up.  We started out making funny remixes to different hit songs, and playing them out loud at school in our portable recorder.  We formed our click "Da Sho House" back in '97, it eveloved into "Two Real", and from there landed into claws of Krazy Kat Records.  

Are there any other artists out there that have inspired you? 
Other Artists I'm inspired by are Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Pokey, Hawk, Zro, and Kanye West.  I really feel that from each of their styles are reflected in my writing as continue my career, but ultimately forms my stlye of music, Fluid.  Yes, I'm a native Houstonian, but I don't feel I rap like every person from Houston.  It's like a Down South/East Coast clash!
Where do you come from as far as influences are concerned and what should your fans expect from your music/art and what do you want to portray to them?
As an artist, my inspiration comes from the constant struggle and hustle that's needed in order to survive real life, my family (wife and daughter), and God.  I feel that it is my mission to stay on the constant grind to keep us alive, and if I slip, then we perish.  These are harsh thoughts, but it's how I feel, and I know now I must do what I can, when I can, and what I can't do, just put it in God's hands. 
My fans can expect to hear in my lyrics a constant evolution.  There will always be a starting point, but the ending destination is where I'm going, and want to take them.  Without them, I can't get there, which is why I always want to to take them for a ride!