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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Pop Rock


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"Glasgows Pride and Joy - Music Matters in Singapore"

I have to admit, hearing that Fluorescent Hearts hailed from Glasgow, I already had them placed on incredibly high pedestals. And why not? With the likes of Travis and Franz Ferdinand also from the heart of Scotland, it was quite difficult not to.

After a quick search on Spotify, I was in a different place. What a corker of an album Anthem is. From the first chord struck in Gasoline, you'll be presented with a new level of radiance in your setting.

I remember first being greeted by lead vocalist, Chris Ashton's voice with Gasoline and thinking...Hello! There was a certain bit of welcomed refreshment as everything fell into place with the vocals, guitars and drums; like an adolescent looking through a kaleidoscope for the first time.

Singing about love and life, drumming up familiar emotions anyone can relate to, one could argue that Fluorescent Hearts could get sucked into the hellish world of corporate pop territory, but no. Not them. These lads I'm convinced, will be sticking to their integrity of unique style and sheer versatility that truly makes up Fluorescent Hearts.

I first saw them take the Paulaner stage on Thursday night, and there was an air of unrivaled anticipation that was going around. The lot stamped their authority right from the get go with album and set opener, Gasoline. Ah yes, the crowd then paid closer attention.

Speaking with the band, I mentioned Rain to be my standout track of the album, simply because of the solo drum beat that took place before a biblical drop of that guitar, something not many bands could pull off, never mind perfect.

This tracks from our album, and it goes out to Raun, who says it's his favorite track from the album Boom. Brilliant on the record, scintillating played live.

Fluorescent Hearts won a lot a fans over after that stunning performance as they attracted fans asking them for autographs, some on their own guitars, along with rapturous applause at the end of every song.

The band consists of Chris, lead vocalist, Martyn, guitarist, Gary, drummer, Andy on the bass, and Joe, band manager, the orchestrater, if you will. This lot here knows exactly what they're doing. Lighting up the streets and venues in Glasgow, you can bet your last dollar you'll be hearing more of them in days to come. Fort Canning Park in the next year, and Glastonbury in two.

Lost among the synths and the overwhelming ambition of he Anthem is the band’s most obvious but least talked about weapon – Ashton’s voice. Quivering, frenetic wailing, every word sung as if his life depended on each, that’s a perfect match for the scope of the band’s music.

Chris mentioned how they saw themselves as a bit OneRepublic-ish, and I myself had drawn up comparisons with Plain White T's and The Killers, even. But erase all of that.

This is Fluorescent Hearts. - The Strait Times - Singapore

"FH at MIDI Festival, Shenzhen"

Live video of Tell Her You Love Her at MIDI Festival, Shenzhen. - YouTube

"FH at Bisous - Hong Kong"

Midway through the set, lead singer Chris introduced the band as “Four simpletons from Glasgow, Scotland”. But far from simple, Fluorescent Hearts absolutely DELIVERED for their first ever Asian show at Bisous, Hong Kong. In the moments leading up to the show, a buzzing audience were keen for them to take the stage. As soon as they did, the crowd was fully engaged and the band’s brilliant onstage energy electrified the room.

Fluorescent Hearts’ sound is a captivating brand of pop rock that’s powerful, passion-filled and cathartic. The first bars of their opening song Gasoline reminded me of the soundtrack intro to an epic scene in a movie, which is fitting seeing as the band does a fantastic job of building up momentum in their songs and taking the audience on a journey.

My two personal favourite performances were Guide You Home, which had a rocking mix of momentum, rhythm and drama, and Butterfly, a more delicate blend of guitar riffs, a milder drumbeat and an absolutely infectious vocal melody. In this latter song, Chris made excellent use of his vocal range.

It wasn’t difficult to sense the utter enthusiasm of drummer Gary who seemed to be playing wholeheartedly with his entire being making someone in the crowd yell out “Who’s the drummer? He’s awesome!!!”

In fact, what’s for sure is that the members of Fluorescent Hearts put their all into the show. The excitement of being on stage and perhaps playing in Asia for the first time was obvious. It had the energetic bassist Andy bounding around the stage as he delivered solid bass lines, and had guitarist Martyn fully immersed in his playing. Frontman Chris had great stage presence and took the time to make the crowd laugh with a sarcastic sense of humour.

With chants of “One more song!” later pushing to “Five more songs!”, The crowd were able to squeeze two encore performances out of the band. They obviously couldn’t get enough!

- Natalia Bodomo - The Underground

"Cumbernauld band prepare for UK tour"

See photo gallery for image of press article - 14th February 2013 - Cumbernauld News

"Bright lights beckon for inventive rock trio"

(Metro Scotland review for King Tuts headline show 9/1/13)

We like to think we have our finger on the pulse here at the Going Out page – so much so that we can spot an up and coming indie outfit from miles away, monitor their approach to the big time and have our ‘See I Told You They’d Be Huge’ banners all washed, ready and hung up in time for their first big break into the mainstream.

So how did Fluorescent Hearts sneak up on us like this? Well, in our defence, the band had only been performing together for little over a year at the time their debut album was released in September. And when it did hit the shelves, well, it sounded so polished and assured that we could be forgiven for mistaking them for a far more established act.

We’ve been following their fortunes since that album, Anthem, came out. They have the makings of a massively successful indie pop-rock act – they have the image, sure, but their talent goes way beyond that. Tunes from the album such as lead single Tell Her You Love Her are powerful and punchy, with the kind of lyrics and hooks that will prove popular both here and in the States. They may hail from Glasgow, but their sound and therefore appeal is global.

The trio, comprising singer-guitarist Chris Ashton, bassist Andrew Stuart and drummer Gary Gilmour, have hit upon a winning formula. They began with their shared childhood love of punk and grunge music, and built on it, bringing it into the contemporary era, and as a consequence have found a niche among modern music. Their sound boasts the raw and edgyethos of those heady days during the 1990s and 2000s, but all the glamour and production quality of modern pop.

But while pop music, even in its rockier form, too often seems sterile and unimaginative, that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Hearts. They are aglow with imagination and inventiveness. They are emotive without being emo, rather they tread a line somewhere between You Me At Six and The Killers – creating anthems (the album title isn’t just a random word, you know) that would be at home in any number of environs, whether on the soundtrack to a glossy US drama, or being played live to a stadium full of fans.

Rob Lavender - Metro - Scotland for King Tuts headline show 9/1/13

"Taking Hayley competition: Judges comments"

(Taking Hayley Judges Jan'13)

Jon Mahon
Radio Presenter.
Fluorescent Hearts A great new band on the scene with the right elements to go far in the industry.

Kevin Doody.
Assistant Manager at Birmingham Ballroom.
Fluorescent Hearts. Slick as fook! An all round great band with great dynamics to their music. Ace structures and a great hook in the song.

Add Morris & Evan Walker
Chase Studio
Fluorescent Hearts Poppy Alternative 3 piece that can only be described as epic, Beautiful combination of synth splattered guitars and drums with uplifting vocals that could easily get Wembley singing along. - Taking Hayley

"Top 10 acts of 2013 - FH"

(Scottish Sun - 28th December 2012)


A BRILLIANT blend of rock and pop, I knew nothing about the Cumbernauld band when I first stumbled upon them opening an
unsigned bill at King Tut’s in Glasgow. The foundations are there to make a major break- through, and their album Anthem simply oozes class

(by Jim Gellatly) - Scottish Sun - 28th December 2012

"Fluorescent Hearts review"

(Scottish Sun June'12)
WHO: Chris Ashton (vocals/ guitar), Andy Stuart (bass),
Gary Gilmour (drums)
WHERE: Cumbernauld
FOR FANS OF: Lostprophets, The Script, Fun.

JIM SAYS: It really does lift my heart when I see a bunch of unsigned acts pack out a key showcase venue like King Tut’s in Glasgow. The family and friends factor aside, it’s a great indication that the bands are doing something right.

My introduction to Fluorescent Hearts was at such a gig. Headlined by Tayside boys Make Sparks, it also featured Glasgow favourites The Detours and rising stars Skippy Dyes — three great bands that I’ve given plenty of radio play to.

Fluorescent Hearts, though, were an unknown quantity. I later learned that they had all previously played in other acts I’ve supported, but on the night I knew nothing. I was actually a bit suspicious, and it even occurred to me that they might be a signed act who had been put on the bill to grow their fanbase.
But singer Chris told me: “Gary and I attended Cumbernauld High School. We sat next to each other in various classes and shared an appreciation for music. We met Andrew and Damien through friends and playing with various bands they were in over the years.”

A debut album is already in the can and lead single, Tell Her You Love Her, available to download from Sunday, is a big powerful blast of pop rock, up there with anything coming out of the States. It’s a truly global sound they have created. It’s edgy, but they’re not ashamed to go down the pop route.

Chris said: “There’s some- thing about music that tickles people in the right places, whether it’s a song from a band like Asking Alexandria or Justin Bieber, and that has always inspired me.
“I’ve always wanted to make a great album that I would actually listen to. I look up to writers like Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) who’s written some incredible songs. I’d love to write for acts like Adam Lambert or Taylor Swift.”

MORE: fluorescenthearts.com Jim will be playing Fluorescent Hearts on In:Demand Uncut live from RockNess — Sunday 7-10pm on Clyde 1, Forth One, Northsound 1, Radio Borders, Tay FM, West FM & West Sound FM - Scottish Sun


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