"what's your band like?" Some good descriptions I've heard were 'poet-core' or 'indie-rot' and Nofi Magazine described us as "Betty Boop if sung by the Breeders." Once after a show this guy said it sounded like modern beatnik music.


FLUT is a female fronted, avant guard rock trio from San Francisco, with a unique sound devoted to rhythm, distortion and simplicity. Lyrics express brute honesty which leaves little room for manners.
The sound has been described by AMP Magazine as "sparse, art rock driven, back-broken breeders sounds with noir elements of jazz." And the live show is a tantalizing spectacle of noise and energy.

Brian Carmody is a classically trained jazz drummer raised on the Descendents and Minor Threat, he prooves punk+jazz=good rock. Also a member of two bay area bands, the jazz trio Oscar Fabulous and the Doppler Trio.
Jara Queeto, described by the Omaha Reader as the 'jack of all trades' is the newest member of FLUT, he came on board in 2003 to make this former duo a trio. Jara is a virtuoso on the piano and trumpet, also a sound engineer, Jara co-produced and engineered their first album, Puppy4Life. Jara also founded his own new orleans-style brass band, the Blue Bones Express.
Lily Amirpour is a writer, illustrator and teacher. Her stories have appeard in the SOMA Literary Review, Sailing to Bohemia and the Fecal Face Forums. She is currently working on songs for FLUT's second full-length album, due the winter 2005-06.

The band have released one self-produced album, Puppy4Life in September 2004. They've toured the US, Northwest and Southern-Cali, and are on the roster at this years NXNE festival in Toronto.



Written By: Lily Amirpour

yea you've slipped me the tongue,
any number of times. and i usually see it come. welcome it even.
now i'm eyeing you cautiously. but i'm still eyeing you. yea it's proven to be a nearly impossible task. to erase your face. to erase your face. and i know that to find the after you. i should shut you up for good. for good for my own good. for good. for good, for my own good - my own good.
it's like I'm superman. you are kryptonite. and my resolve dissolves. yea it slips my mind. why i ever needed so bad. to get the hell away. away from you and me. these big heavy waves rolling me arown. like a fucking ragdoll. like a fucking ragdoll.
dryland dryland dryland. seems like a place i'd like to be. but i'm swollen full of this salty sea it's drowing me oh so slowly. dryland dryland dryland. seems like a place i'd like to be. but i'm swollen full with this salty sea it's drowning me. oh so slowly.


debut EP
self-released, sept 2004

IDC Compilation #5
april, 2005

Set List

A set can go from 20-40 minutes, usually 8-11 songs.