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The best kept secret in music


"Shuteye Records"

We always enjoy new music in the mornings, and [Flut's] mix of jiving punk tunes was a perfect compliment to our tastes in music. It most definitely added a fresh new sound to the atmosphere here at Shut Eye that was enjoyed by all.

[Flut] certainly added a new approach to music. "Eye in the Sky" flows along slowly with a treble bass lick and a dynamic trumpet solo that tends to wander off a little atonal here and there, which adds a lovely jazzed up character to theis peculiar song. My favorite track, "A Thing To Do" has about the same mood as "Eye in the Sky" but with antagonistic and self-degrading lyrics to add a new flavor to the mix. And the more upbeat title track, "Puppy4Life" is absolutely wonderful. It was a pleasure listening...

-Chris Lewis, A&R
- dec 2005


Nov 2004

The Flut trio came by to "Off the Record" at KSFS San Francisco to talk about music, mormons, Justin Timberlake and some other random stuff. A fan/friend living in Amsterdam gave us a call and well... the conversation was sweet but very, very pointless. Lily, Brian and Jara were as cool as ever, with the latter giving a little live trumpet performance of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (for reasons that will remain unanswered). There was also plenty of space to play their music from their current CD "Puppy For Life" and find out where the inspiration for the songs came from.

-DJ Chino, KSFS - radio interview

"FLUT, Sept 7 @ O'Leaver's"

Sept, 2004

San Francisco's FLUT (rhymes with shut) strive to cut through the "pompous sappy rhetoric that makes most music suck," a goal that's well represented on the cover of the trio's self-released debut: a female caricature sitting on a chair, naked but for panties, heels and knee socks, flipping you off. Though FLUT claim as influences such impressive bands as the Breeders, Cat Power, Rilo Kiley and the Moldy Peaches, they've created a punk-folk-jazz sound all their own, thanks in part to new member Jara Queeto's contributions on piano, trumpet and accordion.
-Mike Cieciora - the Omaha Reader

"What is FLUT?"

June, 2004

"FLUT doesn't really mean anything in particular." When singer-bassist Lily Amirpour is asked about the name of her band she shrugs and says 'when I'm really drunk that's what slut sounds like.' The name is hard to categorize like the music. People just don't know what to label it-and people are big on labels. Maybe it's the diverse musical background of it's members that make FLUT a mix of so many musical elements. It's part rock, part jazz, part punk, part folk, part metal and part pop. Sometimes it's even storytelling or demented nursery ryhmes, which you won't find on the CD, but if you find yourself at a FLUT show you may witness. The live show is infectious. Drummer Brian Carmody is a tight complicated drummer, and the connection between the drums and bass is solid, definitely the backbone of their sound. The tall guy is Jara Queeto, a quiet presence, many instruments in his pocket like trumpet, keyboard, accordion and numerous gadgets that make noise.

The common thread in FLUT is the sense of humor and perversion of the songs, written by Lily. She says things that you bother to listen to. This is great from someone who's been to too many rock shows feeling bored and tired waiting for the songs to end so I can go home and sleep. I saw FLUT open for a French Hip Hop band at the Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco. The live show is where it's at. The CD is good, but to see it live is a real eye-opener.
-Shauna Intelisano, photo-journalist
Chattanooga Times - live show review

"Band Spotlight"

feb 2005

Flut is comprised of Lily Amirpour (bass/vocals), Brian Carmody (drums) and Jara Queeto (trumpet/keyboard). The band formed three years ago in San Francisco and has a sound that is hard to pin down. Although recently Amirpour has been calling the band's sound 'New Rock,' changing it from 'Poet Core.' Whatever you call it, it is certainly creative. Some songs may start off as quiet, poetic masterpieces but often end with some hardcore death rock just as quickly.
Initially it's Amirpour's sensitive lyrics that draw you in as they can quickly change from sweet to vulgar in an instant. Then her stage presence takes over, drawing you in with her big, captivating eyes and self assured swagger.
A recent stint on the road say the band playing in cities such as Austin, TX, Kansas City MO, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. Although Flut often return from their tours a little hung over, the band always comes back inspired, encouraged by fans and ready to head back out again as soon as their livers recover.
-Jason Bedient
www.bedientphoto.com - NO COVER magazine

"Local Band Spotlight"

For the past four years San Francisco’s Flut (rhymes with slut) has been perfecting their approach to stylistic rhythms, distortion and simplicity. Slightly reminiscent of the Breeders, Rilo Kiley and Jawbreaker, there’s much more than that behind Flut’s music. The female-fronted band’s sound ranges from indie pop and folk to jazz and metal and sometimes psychotic story-telling nursery rhymes. Lila’s vocals and lyrics express brute honesty, which leaves little room for manners. Flut has no interest in pompous, sappy rhetoric. Originally starting out as a duo, Flut’s sound evolved from bottom heavy simplicity to polyrhythmic experiments. For the last two years the band has played as a trio with Brian on drums and Jara Queeto’s jack-of-all-trades keyboard, accordion, trumpet and tech gadgetry.
The band feels they are moving into uncharted territory—not limiting their sound to one particular genre. They will tell you that anytime you do something weird and confrontational, then there's people that won't get it. Their brains want to peg you as something, but all they see is some girl with a bass talking about toasters in bathtubs and how everyone's an overeater and they get scared. The band says it best: “I'm bored of eight-minute long songs with the same five words repeating, undecipherable lyrics, too much guitars. That sucks. Flut sucks less than ever!” See the band live March 11th at the Parkside in San Francisco and March 24th at the Caravan in San Jose.
- Zero Magazine

"CD Review"

Kicking off with a dirty bass line and frenetic drum roll. FLUT's Puppy4life is a post-punk, deconstructionist from the beginning. Featuring exceptional drumming by Brian that ranges from jazz-y to punk-y, the album is rythmic up front and center, with the only melodic interludes coming from Jara's trumpet and keys. Lily's lyrics are sometimes existential, as on 'Dryland' where she sings "Dryland seems like a place I'd like to be/but I'm swollen full with this salty sea/it's drowning me." But it's not pessimism without humor, as on the galloping 'Cut with a Knife" where she sings "Monkey's on the counter/he's a reminder/you're very fat/you're getting fatter." A well built album for you avant garde-ists.
-Brian Brohpy - Mesh Magazine

"Live 365.com radio"

FLUT according to the Lead singer and the site, is pronounced like that other word... The music is Great... Avant Rock with a Lot of Power Pop Punk thrown in to make it Really interesting. This is fun music.
-Mike Perazzetti - Radio Mike

"Music Review, issue #40"

FLUT "Self Titled" EP CD
november 2003

This 4 song EP opens with "Say It Don't Spray It" which is so unbelievably ridiculous, but it had me smiling and rocking my head back and forth as i listened in disbelief. I wish there were more bands like this with a silly sense of humor that aren't afraid to be ridiculous. Then "Dryland" reminds me a little of a Rad Girl Marcie song. My favorite song on here is "Manbody" which could easily be a Betty Boop song...if she sang for The Breeders. And the last track "Aliens in Love" is a pretty jazzy tune...and I love that title. This band Flut ( i would love to know what that means, I think it means flood in either Danish or German) is right up there with bands like The Monolators and Dirty Birdy. So, if you are silly too, but this now.
-reviewed by Quin - No-Fi Magazine

"CD Review"

This San Francisco based trio consists of Lily on vocals and bass. Brian on drums and jara alternating between keyboard and trumpet. Sparse art rock driven, back brocken Breeders sounds with noir elements of jazz. In the final three songs, "Thing2Do", "Puppy4Life" and "Avenues", the band let down their guard revealing reverent sounds akin to the bittersweet side of Bettie Seveert and Tanya Donnely. Check it for yourself.
-Falin Minoru - American Music Press


debut EP
self-released, sept 2004

IDC Compilation #5
april, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


FLUT is a female fronted, avant guard rock trio from San Francisco, with a unique sound devoted to rhythm, distortion and simplicity. Lyrics express brute honesty which leaves little room for manners.
The sound has been described by AMP Magazine as "sparse, art rock driven, back-broken breeders sounds with noir elements of jazz." And the live show is a tantalizing spectacle of noise and energy.

Brian Carmody is a classically trained jazz drummer raised on the Descendents and Minor Threat, he prooves punk+jazz=good rock. Also a member of two bay area bands, the jazz trio Oscar Fabulous and the Doppler Trio.
Jara Queeto, described by the Omaha Reader as the 'jack of all trades' is the newest member of FLUT, he came on board in 2003 to make this former duo a trio. Jara is a virtuoso on the piano and trumpet, also a sound engineer, Jara co-produced and engineered their first album, Puppy4Life. Jara also founded his own new orleans-style brass band, the Blue Bones Express.
Lily Amirpour is a writer, illustrator and teacher. Her stories have appeard in the SOMA Literary Review, Sailing to Bohemia and the Fecal Face Forums. She is currently working on songs for FLUT's second full-length album, due the winter 2005-06.

The band have released one self-produced album, Puppy4Life in September 2004. They've toured the US, Northwest and Southern-Cali, and are on the roster at this years NXNE festival in Toronto.