Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Musical precision, dark electronics, raw guitar feel and real vocal emotion. A world in desperate need of the message of flu-X.


Not many know it but Australia has an underground music scene littered with more ruptured wrecks than a 'Mad Max' film. Charging down this lonesome highway come a band called flu-X, who were likened with their first album 'FRSU' in Sydney street press to possessing the 'playfulness and creative dexterity of 70's krautrock greats Can.' They return in 2011 with a second offering 'FRS2' a moody, sometimes sombre yet nonetheless powerful readaption of their flagship release.
Embroidering elements of spoken word, dark electronica, tasteful guitars and rolling loops, flu-X evoke in a listener a sense of the raw power and emotion missing from most modern playlists. Flu-X are a creative force unto themselves, one deserving of a much wider audience.


Epitaph 011

Written By: Gas Wylde

Epitaph 011

Give my condolences, to those who lost their own,
Get their relations on the phone...
Take my confession signed,
Tryin' to read a bleak September's sky
Oh oh oh oh, now they're gone...
Our lives are nought but earthenware,
Dust in the universal eye, I hope that I'm on time
And God's reserved her table...
Cos I'm not thinkin' what He wants
I'd rather tear than make a cent,
I won't paint him what he wants,
Cos that's no way to sell, sell yourself...
Miles from home, miles from home
Crazy Mona cries alone
Saints preserve her darkened cell
Come my reward in packs of ten
May you live and make amends,
May it never end in chains-
Bed-ridden or lost in jail...
As if there's not enough to fight,
I doubt their minds can catch that feel,
Went astray in a darkest night
It might be kind, it's so designed
I might watch, surreal can't
This can't be real, can't be real...
Give my condolences to those who lost their own...

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'FRSU' released by anathema music 2000.

'FRS2' released by anathema 2011